story corps project

Mathew Edwards close friends of Hagin James seeks insight of his love of theater. why he keeps on going and what lessons has he gained from theater.

Respect in our world

We discussed whether people respected eachother and what might cause disrespect.

Respect (in Spanish)

My mother is with no doubt the person I admire the most and it's for many reasons, in this interview some of them come to light.

A Message to my Dad on his 80th Birthday

My Dad was approaching his 80th Birthday and I was headed to my parents' house to take them to dinner to celebrate. When I say "celebrate", I don't mean to say that there was going to be a great deal...

My mom’s past as a child and as a parent to me

The interview was recorded in flint Michigan on December 2nd 2020. I I interview with Heather my mom. In this interview we talked about about my moms past how she got here as a mother. We talk about how me...

A Mother’s Story

This interview takes place in Fort Mill, South Carolina on January 19th 2020. I am interviewing Neena Khoja who is my mother. She talks about her childhood and her journey from India to the U.S. She also talks about her...

Karen Ashley & Mike Drummond

As a Black woman, Karen has faced racism in the workplace and has been the only person of color in a meeting many times throughout her career. She shares with Mike what drew her to the DEI work she does...

Jayalakshmi Appannappa and Ayushi Mukund

Ayushi Mukund interviews her grandmother Jayalakshmi Appannappa. Jayalakshmi talks about her childhood, raising children, and the inspiration behind the names of her children. She also discusses the advice she would give her younger self, whether she would change anything about...

Learned Morals

A story of how morals learned as a child can impact a lifetime.

Interview with my Mom

The interview was so hilarious and full of enjoyment! My Mom shared some some I never knew. The best part of the interview was when she told me that she was a cry baby when she went to school and...

Reminiscing #1Mom

Proud, surprise, losing Norman, grandparents, climbing trees, kindness, respect for Mr Fishy

Forest “Will” Roberts

The people involved in the interview are William McFarland (13) and Forest “Will” Roberts (89), Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandson. In the interview, we covered Will’s early life, what it was like growing up, meeting the love of his life, having children,...

Mother and Son From Past To Present

This is an interview with my mom Sharon Butler.Where we take a blast to the past we have a little background on her life as a teen to her getting married her first ever reaction to my birth at midnight....

Edmond Boudreaux’s Experience with Integration

This interview was recorded in Oxford Mississippi on November 26. I interviewed Edmond Boudreaux who is my grandfather and was born in Georgiatown, South Carolina and now lives in Biloxi Mississippi. He talks about public bus integration and his first...

Carmen Marshall & Bentley Fox

Carmen opened up with Bentley about a negative experience she had when she took her trans son to seek healthcare. Wanting to ensure that never happened again, Carmen became an advocate for her son's healthcare along with others who needed...

story corps project

Mathew Edwards close friends of Hagin James seeks insight of his love of theater. why he keeps on going and what lessons has he gained from theater.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Shreyaa Venkat!

This interview has given me an opportunity to learn more about our family's heritage and traditions, as well as how my grandparents' lives were.

Marshallese culture knowledge and value.

my name is Jellyann Namdrik and my interviewer name is Kannea K Lussier . We both teaching at North Delap Elementary School. The topic for my interview is based on marshallese culture knowledge and value.

James Foster and Ms. Accie Mae Murray talk about family life, growing up on a farm and how her parents guided her to take the right path.

Ms. Murray talks about growing up on a farm, with her family, where she learned about family togetherness, and having fun. Her parents taught her to stay healthy, and to get along with all kinds of people. Her mother shared...

Great Thanksgiving Listen interview with tamika

The things that happen in chicago and what Tamika thinks should happen in the future and changes she wants to be made.