Claudia Lakey and James Duke

Claudia Lakey (53) speaks with her father James Duke (81) about her maternal grandmother, who unionized a steam laundry where she worked. Claudia and James remember Claudia's grandmother and speak about their family in the present day.

Katina Moss and Qian Cheng

One Small Step partners Katina Moss (49) and Qian Cheng (31) share a conversation about their identities and their experiences in the United States. Qian talks about her experience as an immigrant from China and Katina speaks about her experience...

Ariana Morante Cvitanic and Vanessa Rivera

One Small Step Partners Ariana Morante Cvitanic (27) and Vanessa Rivera (34) discuss their families, careers, educations, beliefs, healing, and hobbies.

Interview with My Aunt

This was an interview with my aunt, Melissa Hummel. Less of an actual aunt, and more of a second mom, Melissa sat down and discussed her childhood with a large, close extended family. She discussed her love of children, how...

Amelia Bacon, Beverly Cooper, and Tammy Ruffin

Colleagues and friends Amelia Bacon (78), Beverly Cooper (74), and Tammy Ruffin (37) sit down to talk about their work in the community with Little Angels and Stand Up Mobile. They describe connecting with one another through their shared desire...