The Iranian Revolution of 1979, Through the Eyes of a Fleeing Immigrant

Pamela Shamshiri was nine years old when the Iranian Revolution began. Pamela and her mother and brother were in Los Angeles for Christmas when the revolution started. Her father went back to Iran, but the other three family members stayed...

Economics final

Jessica Smith, age 41 and her daughter Abigail, 18 discuss the 2008 recession.

My mother’s journey to the United States

The firsthand story of my mother shifting her life from a third world country to working hard and beginning a new life

Dax Lauwers and Jedediah Smith

One Small Step conversation partners Dax Lauwers (30) and Jedediah Smith (44) talk about the need for discourse in politics, their political beliefs, and how the country can come together.

Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice

[Recorded October 7th, 2021] Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice, both undergraduate students at the University of Virginia, have a One Small Step conversation. They discuss their family backgrounds, Marquis's military service, being a first generation college student, and how their...

The Affect of The Great Recession
November 1, 2018 App Interview

My neighbor talked about the Great Recession of 2008, and how it affected her

APSUH Interview

I, Emmy Replogle, interview my grandmother, Barbra Gatchel, about her life in American when she was a kid. I used this information to compare to the average life of a teenager now a days. My grandmother and I discussed important...

Carolyn Cacho Bowman and Robert Shwab

One Small Step conversation partners Carolyn Cacho-Bowman [no age given] and Robert Shwab (65) talk about their political beliefs, immigration, and the division in our country.

Social Studies Great Recession interview

The Great Recession and the Great Depression were 2 things in America’s economy that drove us down in the dirt.

Angel interviews her boyfriend Maison Schachtner

Angel Lawson interviews her boyfriend (Maison Schachtner) on November 23, 2021, in Maison's house in Neosho, Missouri. Angel asks her boyfriend questions about his future career and about his family.  Maison then talks about going into the trucking business when...

Margo Bubb and Stacey DelVecchio

Colleagues and friends Margo Bubb (54) and Stacey DelVecchio (44) discuss the early history of the Society of Women engineers, their work with Caterpillar (CAT), and their paths to the engineering field.

Jordan Kirk and Dean Paron

One Small Step conversation partners Jordan "Jordy" Kirk [no age given] and Dean Paron (52) talk about their mutual love for the outdoors and where it came from and division in our country and community.

France vs US

This interview was conducted at the interviewees house, in Erie Colorado on May 20th 2019. Kara Jensen is interviewing her french mother about growing up in France, about moving to the United States, and about historical events that occurred in...

Simran Notani gives her perspective and opinion about COVID-19

Simran Notani, a PA resident, gives her thoughts and views about what impact the recent pandemic, COVID-19 has caused on her life. Simran is one out of many who are panicking and praying that this crisis will avert soon.

Molly Schroeder-Linzmeier and Mary Jane Herber

Molly Schroeder-Linzmeier (32) interviews her friend and colleague Mary Jane Herber (73) about her experiences as a librarian and the rich history and economy of Brown County, Wisconsin.

Growing up in the 1970’s

Just how different do you believe the 70’s were? To answer your question they are very different. The people did not even dress the same as people now. Imagine living in a time where there was so little technology that...

Bucky Neal and Brenda Brown-Grooms

One Small Step conversation partners Bucky Neal (65) and Brenda Brown-Grooms (65) have the hard but important conversation about their ancestry - slaveowners and slaves - and also discuss the Black Lives Matter Movement and the perceived inequality they've inherited.

COVID-19 economic impact on small businesses

In this interview I spoke with my father about how the coronavirus has economically impacted his own small business.

One Father’s Account of the 2008 Recession

Interviewer: Aidan Kerr, 17, child Interviewee: Andrew Kerr, 57, father A discussion on the 2008 recession, the vagaries of job security, helping economically suffering children through architecture, and parenthood.

Thom Olmstead and Robert Pavlik

One Small Step conversation partners Thom Olmstead (66) and Robert Pavlik (60) talk about their families, military background, and faith.

Susheel’s Final interview part 1

Mrs. Janakiraman talks about her views on the history of India, with their relation to Britain. She also talks about her view on Mahatma Ghandi.

Anne Cochran and Polly Carr

One Small Step conversation partners Anne Cochran (62) and Polly Carr (50) talk about their political values, children, and issues in Alaska.