A Mother’s Reflections

An immigrant mother reflects on her life. Commenting on war, immigration, love and loss.

La Vida En El Salvador

This interview was held on April 24 2018 I was interviewing my mom Maria quijada of 61 years old. We talked a lot about her childhood and her experience with the war we also talked about when she would go...

La historia de mi tío

Este es la historia de mi Tío Alexander de 37 años. En esta entrevista hablamos sobre el pasado de cuando vivía en El Salvador y sobre el presente que vive aquí en los Estados Unidos.

Sonia Vela Coming to America

Sonia Vela’s story of her immigration to America from El Salvador.

SL Interview

Rene Vasquez (60) talks with his granddaughter, Tyana Vasquez (17) about the Salvadoran Civil War and his experience.

An interview with my dad and I.

My dad and I talk about his childhood and how it was like growing up in El Salvador.

Bonding with Grandma

In this interview on November 26 2017. The interview consists of questions about her childhood. Other questions about my mother and her other children and family members.I am really contents and enjoyed the interview that I had with my grandma.

Interview with Soñia Ortiz

Genesis Molina Zetino (20) talks with her grandmother, Soñia Ortiz about her immigration story, her experience living in the United States, and how these two things have affected her mental health.

Interview with my Mom

My mom speaks to me about her childhood and what El Salvador means to her.

APUSH Service Learning Project

I talked to my mother about small details in her life as well as brushing briefly upon political topics that have affected her “kind”.

Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice

[Recorded October 7th, 2021] Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice, both undergraduate students at the University of Virginia, have a One Small Step conversation. They discuss their family backgrounds, Marquis's military service, being a first generation college student, and how their...

Wendy’s story

This interview is Of Wendy Gonzalez, she tells the story of her travel to america by recalling what her family has told her.

Flor Kimbrough

Her journey moving to El Salvador