Mindy Baker and Lynn Potyen

Mindy Baker (42) speaks to her friend Lynn Potyen (53) about Lynn's shop, The GameBoard, and Lynn's dedication to using games to help the elderly and people with disabilities.

“Everybody needs to be needed.” – Amanda on her path to Richmond, career in senior care, and how she engages with her community.

During this conversation, Amanda talks about her role as Director of Leland Legacy and how they approach senior care with Life Lists and laughter. If you have an aging parent, give this a listen!

Moms COVID experience

My mom is a PA in elder care during the COVID pandemic. I asked her about her experiences with her patients, especially regarding vaccination, during COVID. I also ask about her experiences as a provider during this difficult time.

Andrew Duxbury and Ginnie Prater

Dr. Andrew Duxbury (61) speaks with former student Dr. Ginnie Prater (46) about his experience working in geriatrics across rural Alabama. Dr. Duxbury explains the importance of at home visits for rural populations and gives his thoughts on how to...

Aisha Young and Ashley Paul

Ashley Paul (18) interviews her mentor Aisha Young (43) about gerontology, black elder care, and Aisha’s organization African Americans in Gerontology.

Griswold Home Care Project On Resilience- Moving Forward Stronger with Filosa Hancock Hall

Beth Moeller from Griswold Home Care sat down with Pam Shepperd-Katra, director of social work for Filosa/Hancock Hall and Medicare Nurse/MDS coordinator, Kathy Berry, in Danbury, one of communities outside of New York that was hardest hit at the outset...

Ava McCollum Interviewing Lucy Hwang about her experience with elders

Ava 0:00 Hi my name is Ava McCollum and today, Friday, September 10th, I'm interviewing Lucy, about her experiences with elders. So now, I'm going to start asking questions. What has been your experience working or engaging with elders? Lucy...

Marlene Ceragno and Gerald Schweibel

Marlene Ceragno (66) and her friend Gerald "Jerry" Schweibel (89) share how they are involved at the Kaplen Jewish Community Center, where they serve seniors and young children, respectively. They also discuss their family histories, being involved in their community,...

Kaylea Watkins & Veronica Couto

Kaylea, always knew she wanted to work in elder care. She began her career at Providence Mount St. Vincent (The Mount) and is now the infection preventionist. She shared stories of the loving ways The Mount has provided love, care,...

Interview with Mary Beth Reckmeyer, NP

This interview with Mary Beth Reckmeyer, NP, touches on the timeline of her 40+ year nursing career. She discusses her passion for caring for the elderly, her interest in mentoring new nurses and nurse practitioners, her vision for the future,...