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Shanya and Clarissa talk about cultural values and their effect on the electoral process with guests Arkin and Samuel.

Shanya and Clarissa go in-depth about different cultural values and their affect on the electoral process. Guests Samuel and Arkin, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico, give their own personal insight on the topic.

Jim Robinson and Thomas Graver

One Small Step partners Jim Robinson (68) and Thomas "Tom" Graver (60) share a conversation about their families and their political views and values. They also discuss their concern for the current state of American politics and talk about whether...

Marshall Ariza and Dana Norris

One Small Step conversation partners Marshall Ariza [no age given] and Dana Norris (41) talk about religion, their families and politics.

Civil Conversation

I asked my sisters boyfriend several questions on political issues i believe are a problem in the us.

Douglas O'Neill and Susan Czyrny

Douglas "Doug" O'Neill [no age given] and One Small Step partner, Susan Czyrny [no age given] discuss political values, their respective degrees in Sociology and Creative Studies, and their function within their career, mental health, importance of education and elders...