Oral History Project

We talked about life and all the experiences that led her (my mom) to where she is today

Memories from My Grandpa’s Past

First I asked my grandfather about his childhood and his upbringing. He talked about the school systems back in Iran, as well as growing up in a family of six. When I asked him about some early memories of school,...


I discussed details of my grandfathers life growing up.

Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family.

Jenny Rask: 2020-11-16 00:25:40 Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family. Starting off talking about the 2020 elections and Biden/Harris winning the election, turning the republican dominated senate democratic. He remember the life...

A Fish out of Water

In the beginning, Michelle talks about the difficulties of adjusting to a new environment. Then, the topic smoothly transitions into one consisting of wisdom that can be applied all throughout life.

First Family Interview

For a history project, I interview my grandmother about school, work, and other things about her past.

Bennie Newroth and Althelia Butler

Sisters Bennie Newroth (77) and Althelia Butler (69) talk about their elementary school in the East Highland community. They remember their teachers, the high educational standards the school set for the students, and the impact the teachers had on their...

Pandemic in paradise- online learning

Speaking with a father of a first grader currently in online school and discussing the pros and cons of online learning in the Virgin Islands

Jamie Cremeans and Emma Cremeans: A brief look into the life of one 13 year old.

In this interview, Jamie Cremeans, a 43 year old student at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti Mi, interviews her 13 year old daughter for a class project in her Psychology of Adolescence class. Emma discusses her experiences in elementary vs...

Philosophy Interview – Mika and Maria

Mika (interviewer) gets an inside look on what Maria's future as an elementary school teacher looks like and her opinions on certain philosophical ideals.

Interviewing My Mom

What was talked about was how my mom mostly lived and how she described me as her daughter.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Charlie Welsh

I interviewed my grandfather about his lifetime and how far he has come in his life.

Full circle

A brief interview with my dad Daniel about his childhood and short time in the US Air Force.

Courtney’s Carrer Journey and Life Lessons

In this interview conducted on November 3rd, 2017 in San Diego California, Kyley Abrams interviews her cousin Courtney Abrams about her career and childhood. Courtney shares information about law school and what it took to major in law. She also...

Growing Up
November 29, 2018 App Interview

We talked about my mother's childhood and what it was like growing up.

Mass Comm

My father and I talked about his childhood and the rest of his life.