Growing Up In The 60’s.

This is an interview with my grandma, and she’s telling me about her childhood and growing up.


This listen was about life growing up as a kid and growing up around family. Also going through rough times.

Life is a bit Grand!…father? (My Grandpa’s life.)

My grandfather recalls small moments in his life where he remembers his family, friends during school, his military days and his job in Law Enforcement and Chief of Police of Socorro I.S.D!

An interview with my grandfather

I interview my grandfather, Paul Perrelli about his childhood, experience growing up, and his jobs as a teacher.

The adventures of my dad – Nileshkumar Patel

We talked about my dads life in India. He described various things in India like how his brother viewed him as or why he chose the career he chose. He also showed me the hardhips/challenges of his transition to America....

Jack Noble interviews his grandfather Alan Mensch on his life and his accomplishments

Jack Noble interviews Alan Mensh on November 22nd in Arnold Maryland starting with his childhood and school experiences as Jew. Then they discuss his jobs as a teenager until he joined the army as a medic during the war. Finally...

My Interview with, “Grandma Marsha”

My grandmother and I sit down and have a conversation about her life. Details about the interview touch on topics such as her childhood, political views and observations about the changes she’s observed in modern day times. She opens up...

Interview with my dad

An interview with my dad about his childhood and education. We also talked about some of his classic stories of school mischief.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen!

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2017 in Sparks Nevada, Savana Jobes (12) interviews her grandma, Janet Jobes (74) about her childhood in city she comes from. Mrs Jobes shares stories about what it was like growing up and...

Interview with my Mom

Today I talked with my mom and we discussed various topics such as growing up, family and more!

School Interview

I asked to my sister questions about her school

Childhood in the Philippines

Elmer Lavilla reminisces about his past experiences, living in Manila,Philippines in the late 80's/ early 90's.