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Anna Riedel and Marjorie Turnbull

Friends Anna Riedel [no age given] and Marjorie Turnbull [no age given] share a conversation about their experience riding elephants together, and Anna's journey working in television.


I interview my best friend: it’s silly, a lot of laughing, but we get it done.

Michele Jarman and Michael Garstang

Michele Jarman (59) shares a conversation with her father, Michael Garstang (91), about Michael’s childhood in South Africa, his family, his friends growing up, his time in university, and his research.

Mary Beth Holman and Shawn Mullin

Mary Beth Holman and Shawn Mullin returned to the Storycorps booth to talk about the influence of their maternal grandmothers on their lives. They both said that their maternal grandmothers loved them unconditionally. They agreed that each of their relationships...