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Questions for Mom about Growing Up.

This interview was with my mom, the interview was in Arabic. I am asking my mom some questions about growing up.

The First Time I Met My Mother

I had not seen my mother for 13 years and it turns out that I never imagined being with her together even though all this was essential and that I communicated with her when we were separated.

Paul Interviews Ms. A, a Favorite Teacher

The best part of teaching is working with students and watching them grow up, mature and achieve. Teaching makes me feel like I can do hard things!

Guatemalan Pride

We are a culture of responsible hard workers. I had to immigrate for opportunities. One day I will return to my home country and the culture I love.

Ms. G Talks About the Lessons Learned Through Teaching

Ms. G, who conducted this project is interviews here. She talks bout her life as a teacher and what it has taught her.

Finding Out About My Mom's Life

It is important to talk to our parents to find out about how hard they have worked to get to where they are now.

Getting personal with Ms. A

I wanted to find out about my teacher's personal life. How does a teacher find balance between family and career? Getting personal about the future. Ms. A, you inspire me!

I Feel Unique and Perfect

Coming out in my country was not easy. I have come through as a confident and happy young man.