Ami Lupis interview, Part 1

I interviewed my mother about her parents, her childhood, and one of her most favorite people—her grandmother.

Charles Schoebel Fleckles, a teenager moving from Mass. to Calif. in the 1950’s.

Tom White, son of Carol Fleckles White, talks with his uncle, Charles Schoebel Fleckles about moving from Massachusetts to Southern California with his family as a teenager in the early 1950's. Tom also moved from Massachusetts to California in 1979.

Pnomwan Wager and Lawrence Wager

Spouses, Pnomwan Wager (66) and Lawrence Wager (75), discuss Pnomwan’s immigration to the United States, Lawrence’s deployment in Thailand, and their children, as they together recount their love story.

Niels and Char meeting at BYU

Niels emigrated from Denmark with Mother and younger sister, studied at BYU, and met his wife Char before going on a mission back to Denmark.

Chinese Korean

We discussed my mother’s childhood and the racism she experienced. Although it there were similar situations in the book Black Boy, they were to an extreme defree. Both of these stories show how much and how little our society’s views...

Gabby interviewing her aunt Sally

My aunt Sally talked about her life and what it was like living in two countries

Baer Family History with Inge & Irene

Inge Baer Corless and Irene Baer Friendly share their memories of childhood, escaping Nazi Germany, their mother Theresia’s failing health, a stay in a Catholic orphanage, the fate of their father Ernst’s family members who could not make it out...


A conversation with my father about his decision to retire from the US Air Force and move the whole family to New Zealand in the 1970s.

Papa Lupis’ Stories, Part 1

I interviewed my father, Steve Lupis, who told me the story of how our family came to America, how my grandparents met, a bit about his childhood, and the stories of my and my sister’s births.

Family History: Tracing Back with Sophie and Linda

Sophie Haward interviewed her mum Linda Haward about family history in New Hope, PA. They discuss both sides of our family and their origins. One, in Eastern Europe, who journeyed to England in the Victorian era after religious discrimination. They...

Christopher Dinh and Thuy Nguyen

Christopher Dinh talks with his mom about her life. She shares childhood memories and stories about her emigration from Vietnam for freedom.

Tati’s Emigration

Dad Talía about his experience emigrating from communist Romania to the US through Italy and his experience once arriving to America.

rosemary hochschild interview

a colorful story of immigration from south africa to america.

Global Arizona: Stella Saperstein Part 2

In this three-part interview I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Stella Saperstein. We talked everything from her life growing up in the Soviet Union, her passion for music,her journey to the United States, and reconnecting with family.

David Nadri and Behnaz Sadr

Spouses, David Nadri (57) and Behnaz Sadr (55), share the story of how they left their homes in Iran, moved to Turkey, and later settled in the United States due to religious persecution. They also talk about their daughter, Shadi,...

Jamaican emigration to US

My mother’s short summary of her US naturalization

Great Grandma and Me
November 14, 2015 App Interview

A survivor's tale: A great grandson interviews his Great Grandmother. She emigrated from Nazi Germany to the United States

My Mom; Growing up in American Society with a Hispanic Culture

My mom, Ali and I, Charlotte had a conversation regarding her emigration to America from Spain, stereotypes placed on her as a person who is not perceived as a person who can speak spanish fluently, as well as the traditions...