Anushka and Abigail talk about engineering, siblings, sushirritos, and everything in between. “We’re both adults now.”

Abby, my future roommate, and I talk about things we have in common, such as engineering student struggles, and things that differ between us, such as cultural stigmas. We talk about our sibling dynamics, our favorite foods, and our past...

the great thanksgiving listen 2017

my grampa, bob, talks me through his family and professional life.

Interview with John Kamal
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked about Mr. Kamal's life and about engineering

Lawrence Kuznetz’s Moon Landing Story

Lawrence Kuznetz shares his Moon Landing story for the Moon Landing in Context Project at Framingham State University. Lawrence discusses his personal experiences working for NASA, the Apollo programs, and the night of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. He also...

Miranda and her dad (Randy) talking about his childhood

I talked to my dad about how he grew up. I also asked about who helped him through his work in engineering and all his schooling

Lex Akers

The life of Lex Akers, a life long engineer, interview by his granddaughter.

Dennis Gilliam and David Riek

Dennis Gilliam (66) talks to his friend David "Dave" Riek (61) about memories he has being raised in a "railroad family," how he got involved with engineering at a young age, and memories he has from high school, both in...

Interview with Dick Aberley part 2

Interview with our 89 year old father. Questions from daughters and grandchildren.

Juliet Casanova and Geoffrey Howard

Juliet Casanova (49) shares a conversation with her spouse, Geoffrey Howard (54), about Asian American identity, being in an interracial relationship, and the memories they share.

Culture Shock: The Story of an Indian Engineering Student Seeking Opportunity in a New Country

Bhavya tells us about her experiences coming to the United States to pursue her engineering career in an age where science and technology are the new American industry. This interview explores her motivations and the cultural differences she has to...

Life of Gary Schmidt as he travels around the world.

Gary Schmidt (68) is interviewed by Matthew Schulze (15) about his life and travel around the world. Gary speaks about his life and how he was impacted by the freedom he was given. He also embraces his son and what...

Christopher Cacioppo, Susan Cacioppo, and Michael Cacioppo

Christopher Cacioppo (48) interviews his parents, Susan Cacioppo (77) and Michael Cacioppo (77), on the work they did as a software developer and software engineer for the Apollo Lunar Lander Project.

Greg Brown, Allegra Ziegler Hunts, and NA NA

Greg Brown (62) talks to tech challenge participants, Allegra Ziegler Hunt (17) and team member (18) about what they've learned by going through the Tech Challenge for the past 4 years.

Experience’s with the man who worked on gemni.

George Allen my grandfather gets interviewed bye his grandson Cameron Evans. George worked at General Electronics where he helped build the fuel cells for the Gemini space ships, the same spaceship that went to the Moon. George's parents were born...

Basement talks

Interviewing the man who developed the guidance systems that put men in space.

Christina O'Guinn and Richard Algea

Richard Algea (46) speaks to his colleague, Christina O'Guinn (45) about their journey as educators and their partnership as part of the Tech Academy. They discuss the lessons they've learned and what excited them about teaching engineering.

Ardoth Hassler-Short and James Short

Spouses Ardoth Hassler-Short [no age given] and James Short (75) share a conversation about how they met and about the more than forty years they have spent together.

Women of the Elevator Industry: Linda Lewis and Sula Moudakis

In celebration of International Women's Day, Schindler Elevator Corporation interviewed female employees that paved the way for women in the industry. in this conversation, Linda Lewis and Sula Moudakis reflect on how strong relationships have enabled their success.

Cassidy Funk Interviews Jeff Funk About Life Experiences and Lessons

I interviewed my father, Jeff Funk, about people who have impacted him the most, lessons he's learned throughout his life, personal accomplishments, and more.