Career Interview

Today, I am sitting down with a local business owner who had decided to share her thoughts and idea for her career.

Telling HERstory Podcast Episode 9: Two Peas in a Pod

Jennifer Lind, granddaughter of Rosa T. Beard, talks with Mrs. Deidre Brown Collins, former Debutante (1991) of the Rosa T. Beard Debutante Club.

Harrison Watkins and Roselyne Swig

Harrison Watkins (33) reminisces with his grandmother Roselyne Swig [no age given] on her vast knowledge and experiences as a businesswoman, mother, and grandmother.

Liliane Lemani and Emeliana Salama

Friends Liliane Lemani (38) and Emiliana Salama (51) talk about their interests in starting businesses in the United States, and reflect on their experiences selling goods and materials while they were at a refugee camp in Namibia.

Yvonne Bryant Johnson and Kiplyn Primus

Kiplyn Primus (60) has a conversation with fellow entrepreneur and Atlanta Business League member Yvonne Bryant Johnson (74). Yvonne says she loves her work and is having the time of her life.

Sustain Abilities

Eileen talks about her company and how it’s changed her life for the better.

Alaina Huebner: Flower Girl
October 17, 2023 App Interview

Flora Mi Lou is the brainchild of St. Louis native Alaina Huebner. Alaina offers a full service floral experience and celebration for brides.

The Yellow Submarine by Maxwell Thomas

The Yellow Submarine was in Huntingdon, Tennessee, here its story.

Interview with Patsy Richardson on April 11, 2021

In this interview, I learned about the biggest influence in my grandmother’s life. Also, I learned about her forever favorite memory.

Monique talks with 91-year old Adolf Armijo about what inspires him and how he has influenced so many people during his lifetime.

Adolf shares his amazing life story (so far!) ...and how he has flourished in each stage of his life...from being a 12-year-old rancher in New Mexico, moving to San Francisco when he was 19, chasing his dream of becoming a...

Profile Essay Interview With Mrs. Clemmons by Sia Mistry

Cheryl Clemmons, a health science teacher at Anna High School, talks about her life as a former practicing histologist, a current health science teacher, and an entrepreneur.

Janai speaks with Dj Hayze about career choices and what’s up next!

Dj Hayze is a local Dj in the DMV area, he also travels around the world as headline Dj for Carnival Cruises. Being a Dj is hard and setting yourself apart is key. Dj Hayze tells us how he did...

A Teen Mom Who Continues Her Journey and Never Quits

Aniya Callaway( age 15 on the right)Interviews her Grandmother; Teresa(age 58 on the left) who explains their family history. Tells us a brief description about her being a teen mom and what she went through. Her dreams as a OBGYN...

James Lam and Inthira Lam

Spouses James Lam (57) and Inthira Lam (59) discuss their introduction, their family, their restaurant, and Thai cuisine. They also talk about the significance of the "Little Thailand Way" sign to their restaurant and their hopes for the future of...

Slowing Down with Alyssa

As an educator and entrepreneur, Hashimoto's disease and environmental illness made Alyssa face human limits long before the coronavirus outbreak forced us to shelter-in-place. She talks about self care in a revolutionary way because learning to reconcile her passion with...

Interview with Simoñ John Thomas: Octus Network

29-year-old CEO & Event Specialist, Simoñ John Thomas, does an interview with Taylor York. We discuss the start of his business, Octus Network, his talents, and where he sees it going in the future.

Interview With Granny

This was a short interview with my granny that focused on the highlights of her life and her career as a dog groomer.

Meet and Greet, with Malik

During this interview with Malik Spraggs, we talked about his business plan to grow his small company into a worldwide brand and how his interest began to designing custom t-shirts.

Finding Success 1 Taco at a Time

This interview is set on the career path of Javier Anaya. He talk about the struggles he had in the past and what he does for the community.

Tatiana Cox Lopez and Mario Cruz

Tatiana Cox Lopez (37) and her husband and business partner, Mario R. Cruz (47), discuss the stresses of having a two-month-old baby during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sustaining their family during the pandemic yet being able to establish...