Charles Rial and Thomas Power

Charles Rial (68) interviews his friend and colleague Thomas Power (80) about Thomas' involvement in the development of the Bass Creek Commune in Montana.

Bill and Nicholas VanDusen- Can one person make a difference in our environment?

Nick VanDusen (17) talks with his grandfather, Bill VanDusen (80) about our worlds environmental state. We discussed how electric cars are making headway into global use. We discussed programs that are attempting to address the environmental problems our world is...

We Need More Teachers Like Her!

My name is Ozan Kara and I am a 17 years old cultural exchange student from Turkey. As an high school student in Bloomington, Indiana, I have had the chance to know a wonderful person, Vanessa Domizlaff, my German teacher...

Kim Gaddy and Amy Goldsmith

Coworkers Kim Gaddy (57) and Amy Goldsmith (63) discuss the environmental justice work they have done at Clean Water Action, in the New Jersey community, and at a national level. They discuss how community has played a central role in...

Jean Bourg and Brad Sealfon

One Small Step conversation partners Jean Bourg (78) and Brad Sealfon (36) talk about family, growing up, religion, sexuality, community, libraries, planning boards, and living in small towns.

Karen Roothaan and Peggy Salazar

Kareen Roothaan (65) and Peggy Salazar (66) are colleagues and friends. They speak about their concerns of the environmental issues in Southeast, Chicago and their role as active community members.

Shamus Thornton and Coleen Cole

Shamus Thornton (50) talks with a fellow environmental justice activist Coleen Cole (70) about her experience with the Fresh Air Vallejo environmental activism group.