Mark "Windy" Dankoff and Allan Sindelar

Mark "Windy" Dankoff (60) tells his friend and business associate Allan Sindelar (61) about how he came to be involved in alternative energy business in New Mexico.

Nancy Kittle and Susan Doering

Nancy Kittle, 82, tells her friend Susan Doering, 49, about her childhood with her single mother, who came from a wealthy meat-packing family, in Santa Barbara, CA, her education at Sarah Lawrence College and other experiences in New York City...

Gabriel Garrett and Hilary Turner

Gabriel Garrett (28) and Hilary Turner (33) share a conversation about how they first met, their experiences traveling, their family, and Hilary’s run for congress.

Alexander MacGillivray and Kesha Ram Hinsdale

One Small Step conversation partners Kesha Ram Hinsdale (35) and Alexander MacGillivray (34) share their views on what it means to be an American. They also talk about clean air and water; and environmental equity.

Avery Palmer and Asher Grilli

Friends and colleagues Avery Palmer (22) and Asher Grilli (34) share a conversation about their work with Florida Wildlife Corridor Coalition, the expedition they did with the organization, and what they learned from their experiences.

Steve Desroches and Jay Critchley

Steve Desroches (47) and Jay Critchley (74) talk about ReRooters Day a holiday unique to Provincetown, Massachusetts that Critchley created in 1983. Celebrated every year on January 7 on the flats of the East End of town its a beloved...

Kim Gaddy and Amy Goldsmith

Coworkers Kim Gaddy (57) and Amy Goldsmith (63) discuss the environmental justice work they have done at Clean Water Action, in the New Jersey community, and at a national level. They discuss how community has played a central role in...

Jeffrey Ellis and Harris Mills

One Small Step partners Jeffrey "Jeff" Ellis (79) and Harris Mills (77) have a conversation about their experiences surrounding the Vietnam War, environmental conservation, and the importance of having compassion for people's deep hardships and traumas.

Lumila talks about how COVID-19 is affecting her and her business.

Lou talks about how all of this is affecting her and her business. She owns a vintage online store and does everything by herself, she doesn't have employees. She used to use Instagram to promote her clothes and did vintage...

Civil Engineering for Communities and Natural Environments

Chris Waechter, 30, friend/professional contact. Chris' role as a civil engineer, what he does, and the community and environmental aspects that are taken into consideration.

Bob Estrin, James Jackson, and Estella Dieci

Friends and colleagues Bob Estrin [no age given], James Jackson [no age given], and Estella Dieci [no age given] discuss how they met, their work with the School of Constructive Arts, and their hopes for the school for the future.

Candace Printz and Zulema Macias

Friends Candace Prinz (41) and Zulema Macias (48) discuss the origins of their nonprofit, Green Hope Project, and reflect on the projects and art they have created.

Mickey Weiss – Founder of Project Oceanology talks about its 50th Anniversary

Mickey Weiss is now in his 80's and 50 years ago founded Project Oceanology in Connecticut to help stimulate students and adults about citizen science and the natural world around them, specifically the oceans. In this interview Mickey talks about...

Connie Bebout and Caitlin Faulds

Connie Bebout (64) talks with her daughter Caitlin Faulds (25) about growing up in Missouri, leaving to begin a career with the Forest Service and now living through coronavirus. Recorded: 2020-04-26 17:34:08

Vincent and Sara Sotirov- Conversations during Quarantine

Vincent Sotirov (19) interviews his sister, Sara Sotirov (21) discussing a range of topics such as her passions in business and the environment, the current COVID-19 pandemic, and her philosophy on life.

After Shelter with Lauren Leisse

Lauren Leisse talks with Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Visitor Services Associate Angela Hermann about quarantine and the hope of art while standing inside the art installation "SHELTER" by Derek Fordjour.

Carolyn Moore-Ford and Alexander Moore

Carolyn Moore Ford (67) shares a conversation with her nephew, Alexander "Alex" Moore (30), about the history of their family farm, discuss a conservation advancement program, and farming legislation.

Michael Reynolds and Deborah Binder

Deborah Binder [no age given] interviews her coworker and friend Michael Reynolds (77) about Earthships, legacy, and his perspective on life and the future.

Nina Moshefi, Anna Moshefi, and Mandisha Thomas

Sisters Nina Moshefi (41) and Anna Moshefi (37) talk with State Rep. Mandisha Thomas (47) about environmental sustainability and environmental justice.