Kelsey Rawson and Cynthia Dockery

One Small Step partners Kelsey Rawson (36) and Cynthia Dockery (48) talk about their difficult relationships to the church, how they talk about politics with their families, and their earliest memories of politics.

Black Folks Camp Too: Interview with Founder Earl B. Hunter, Jr. and Hannah Wherry-AIP Graduate Student with Miami University, OH.

Earl B. Hunter Jr. and Hannah Wherry met at a recent animal welfare event and sparked an amazing conversation about nature inclusion and diversifying the outdoors and accessibility for all. "Treat Everyone, Everywhere, Equally" is their powerful motto that brings...

Anna George and Britton Haigh
December 16, 2021 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Anna George (25) and Britton Haigh (19) discuss political parties in the U. S. and other Democratic countries' political systems, their political and social values, the internet ecosystem, media and social media, misinformation and disinformation,...

Patty Dominguez and Sherry Sanders

Sherry Sanders (66) reflects on her life as a pioneer for women in a male-dominated work environment to her friend Patty Dominguez (60).

Just another life story

A flashback into the life of Sapna Sukesh Kumar; her beliefs, opinions, and memories; how these factors have shaped her into the wife, mother, and human being that she is today.

Giovanna DeCaprio and her mom, Donna create a better bond discussing life lessons.

While recording on November 2017, Giovanna DeCaprio interviews her mother Donna in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. They discuss the bond and memories between them & life lessons to focus on. Mrs. DeCaprio opens about the hardships of her job...

Person in Charlotte – Haley Heartley – Learning About Racism in America

Person in Charlotte conversations were engaged in response to Black Lives Matter (BLM), as a way for us to learn more about racism in America. We are meeting with our friends who have graciously agreed to have an open conversation...

“We are all human”

My grandmother was talking about what life was like when she was younger. She also described how different society was back then.

Marriage Equality Act

In the interview she talks about how society has changed and there view on this topic.

Lilly and Melissa discuss Synanon and equality
December 18, 2018 App Interview

Lilly asks her mother, Melissa, about her experience growing up in Synanon, a cult with a diverse community of people. Melissa explains how that affected her view of race and equality while growing up in the 1970's.

Lucile Miller and George Hostetler

One Small Step partners Lucile Miller (77) and George Hostetler (74) share their views on the war in Ukraine, education, equality and equity, and addressing climate change.

thanksgiving listen 2019

My mom and I talked about her family history, her aspirations for the future, and her work dreams that didn’t quite work out as planned. Hope you enjoy.

Donald Harner and Amy Akao

One Small Step conversation partners Donald (Don) Harner (51) and Amy Akao (41), talk about their experiences on September 11, 2001 (this interview was conducted September 11, 2021), what the idea of “equality” means to them, and how the events...

Matt Osche and Fernando Soriano
October 16, 2020 OSS Hub

In their One Small Step conversation, Matt Osche (24) and Fernando Soriano (23) talk about their post-grad work and how foreign countries approach social support.

Darien Hayes Interview

Interview with a Fraternity Brother (Sigma Pi) for Women's voices with Sarah Rondot from the University of Central Missouri

Racial Equality

A biracial couples view on racial equality, talking about their past and present. And discussing the future of civil rights.

Ms. Terry’s experience with segregation

I met with Mr. Terry at the Oxford Housing Authority on Tuesday November 27 to discuss her life experience through segregation. Ms. Terry was born in 1950 in Lafayette county, in the Yocona area. She spoke of her experience share...

“ I Cant Think Straight”

This is my first time doing something along the lines of this.. I didn’t do it the exact way I guess it was meant too meaning recording another person I just recorded myself! I’m hoping to not only reach someone...

The shaping of Susan Fisher’s life and her empathetic past.

Conducted in Santa Cruz, California, student Kayla Penny (age 15) interviews Susan Fisher (age 45) about a childhood story and the effect it had on Susan’s future. Fisher shares her story of dealing with individuals troubled with mental health such...