Christopher Panarites and Nicole von Tempske-Clemins

One Small Step conversation partners Christopher Panarites (57) and Nicole von Tempske-Clemins (51) connect on being devoted equestrians, supporting young people in figuring out their sexuality, and a shared discomfort with Christian fundamentalism in politics.

Brandon Lowe and Daria O’Brien

Brandon Lowe (29) speaks with his One Small Step partner, Daria O'Brien (62) about their experiences specifically with inner city kids, homophobia, the Christian church and its ties to their political ideology.

Vietnam War (with Larry Scalia and Valerie Ihara)

Larry Scalia grew up in Illinois, but later moved to Laguna in California. In between those times, Larry had dreams of becoming a veteranarian and also was an avid horseman. He had 3 horses, "quarter horses", but never really took...

Mariano Posada and Talli Wallin Interview

We talked about how he came into his career and some advice he has to offer.

Making Dreams Happen

An injured equestrian, aspiring to become an Olympian, joins forces with an up-and-coming filmmaker/beekeeper. A married couple, the two inspire each other to accomplish all of their goals.