Rambling WWII history in China according to Stephen L. Wu

I asked my Dad, age 81 who was the most influential person in his life, and his happiest moment. He is one on 13 children. His father is John CH Wu - whose own dramatic life story is intertwined with...

"Returning and Relearning in Bejing, China." an interview with Qingyun Duan

When Quinyan Duan was a student in China, he found his way into hydropower engineering. He wanted to pursue a graduate degree but couldn’t find the right professor to guide him. He took the difficult step of applying in the...

Growing up in Maoist China

My mom grew up in China during the Great Leap Forward. In this interview I ask about her experiences growing up there.

The life of an Immigrant

We talked about what my Grandpa’s life was like when he was a child. We also talked about how his life was in America.

Research MCBS Interview

we had to record an interview for class

Emily Shortridge tells all

I asked my aunt some questions about life and stuff :)

Asking David Huang questions about life back in China

I just asked David what it was like to live in a city back in China and what differences he could see between America and China. Along with some other little questions of curiousity here and there!

My mom discusses experiences that have shaped her life and opinions.

My mom's unique opinions on career, immigration from China, balancing life, climate change, and differences between our eras shaped by her numerous experiences. Join me as I try to learn more about my mom and how she came to be...

China: Then and Now

In this interview, I talk with my father about the political and economic situation of China, and both its advantages and disadvantages. We also talk about his cultural experiences, immigration process, and how China has changed since then.

Addy and Cheng

All about Cheng's life and experience in his life so far.

Interview with my Mom
December 14, 2017 App Interview

My mom, Meili, talks about our family and her life living in China and Turkey.

Chinese government and various other topics

We talk about freedoms and the Chinese government. Also talks about various other topics associated with the Chinese government

November 28, 2022 App Interview

In this interview Paul and Jerry fall into a deep conversation where Paul asks Jerry some interesting questions and Jerry tells him some of his experiences in China and in the United States.

Xi Hua Zhao and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Xi Hua Zhao was born in China, where he lived a happy and modest life. He moved to the United States over a decade ago to help his daughter take care of his grandchild, and...

Miao Fei

a summary of the topics that were talked about in the interview were that mom had to do a lot of work when she was in China. Interview is in Chinese.


Wei Sun talks about his college experience in TshingHua, a research university established in 1911

"We not only found the results, but we also found the solution." an interview with Tong Zhu

Tong Zhu atmospheric chemist and university professor shares his experiences studying air pollution and its impacts on human health. Reflecting on how past discoveries influence solutions and how those solutions impact government policy. He shares stories about his work for...

Progress and Paradox

I interviewed my neighbor (age 64) who shared some of his experiences about his life including time in the Peace Corps.

Adoption Journey
November 23, 2022 App Interview

Emma Price (22) interviews Andee Price about her adoption journey and the hardships that came along with it. Some hard times and good memories are discussed here.