“I was so happy”

Julianna Williams, 17, asked her Grandmother, Anita Payen, 77, about the favorite memories and the person that was the most influential in her life.

Aga Interview

Talking to my grandmother about her life and childhood especially.

Story time with Abu

This is an interview between a teenager and her grandfather, in which he tells her about his early life and the moments and people who have helped shape him into the person he is today.

Logan Wilson and my grandmother Elizabeth Swanson Greene talk about her life growing up and now

In this interview that was recorded in November 2019 in Tampa,Florida Logan Wilson interviews her grandmother Elizabeth Swanson Greene about her life growing up and her life now. She also talks about her mother,father,brother and sister. Also about her hobbies...

Remembering times with Cyla (Far Left) Byrd and Maria Byrd (Middle)

This interview is between a 15 year old girl, Cyla Byrd, and a 72 year old woman, Maria Byrd. Listen as they remember the times when Cyla was still a little girl (far left in picture), and how life for...

Nairi interview with Grandpa

Nairi Kleinfeld interviews her grandpa, Andy Kleinfeld, on January 7, 2024. Andy Kleinfeld has terminal cancer, so this was an important conversation between them.

Interview with My Lola

In this interview I got to learned that my Grandma was a very hard working mother, wife, daughter, and grandmother. I am thankful that she's a part of my life.

Delia the Doll

Learn the story of the mystery of the Doll passed 4 generations in the matrilineal line.

Madeline Feldman talking to her grandmother Karen Rosenstein about her life

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Oceanside, New York, Madeline Feldman (15) and her grandmother Karen Rosenstein (73) discuss her childhood and family. Karen shares an overview of her chapters in life. She shares stories about growing up...