Papa and Maya

Maya Bloss, 11 years old, interviews her grandfather, Bruce Frankel, 74 years old, on Thanksgiving, 2019 #greatlisten2019

Insa Wood with Jerry & Helga Bell

Helga and Jerry Bell tell their daughter Insa Wood about the first couple years of their marriage in the mid 1960's as Jerry prepares to go to Vietnam.

Dotty Vollrath and Dale Vollrath

Husband and wife Dale Henry Vollrath (94) and Dotty Irene Vollrath (91) share memories from childhood and talk about when Dale was drafted into the US Army, postponing their wedding. They also reflect on the many travels they've pursued throughout...

how was basic

this interview covered how was basic traning in the u.s army with all the pros and cons, i also covered the after of basic training.

Linda Hasty and Lester Phillips

Linda Hasty [no age given] talks with her friend Lester E. Phillips (95) about his childhood in South Carolina during the 1930s, being the first Black Eagle Scout in South Carolina, and serving in the military.

William Phillipps and Susan Humphreys

Susan Humphreys (76) interviews her bother William "Bill" Phillipps (73) about his childhood in South Carolina, his time in the Army during the Vietnam war, and his family life.

Interview with my dad

This is an interview between me and my dad. He talks about his 10 year experience in the military and goes in depth with his favorite and least favorite memories, the different roles he played, and the living conditions of...

Dad at Christmas 2016

Story of Dad's childhood in Chicago, about his parents, WW2, going to school and college, and getting drafted into military service.

James Manning and Michele Manning Herman

Michele talks with her dad Col. James Manning about how his Army career led him to Washington State. James explains the importance of a living will and advance directive.

Nikki Webbe-Simmons and Avery Simmons

Spouses Nikki Webbe-Simmons (45) and Avery Simmons (58) share a conversation about Avery’s time in the Army, PTSD, and how he feels about the Army now.

Richard Lewis and Marvin Nemitz

One Small Step partners Richard Lewis (88) and Marvin Nemitz (53), both ministers, discuss their views on the social safety net, the mental health system in the United States, and the life experiences that informed their views on racial prejudice.

Nick Najjar and Randy Najjar

Randy Najjar (34) interviews his father Nick Najjar (63) about immigrating from Iraq to the United States, working to support his family, running his own business, and being a father.

"Don't Volunteer"! Just kidding…

Thomas was drafted and served with distinction, but he never signed up for that life!

Edward Bloch and Meredith Skeath 2

Meredith Skeath: 2020-09-14 00:15:09. Edward Bloch (87) and his cousin Meredith Skeath (71) discuss Edward's meeting and marrying his wife Carol, raising their daughters Elizabeth and Suzy, and how his career in public relations developed.

Kruti Ravaliya and Paul Lafranchise

Spouses, Kruti Ravaliya (36) and Paul Lafranchise (38), talk about Paul's service in the U.S. Army and the impact it had on their family.

Ronnie Roden – U.S. Army – Berlin Wall

The person I interviewed was my dad, Ronnie Roden, who is 54. We discussed his experience in the U.S. Army at a young age. Specifically, he talked about his time being stationed in Germany and how he was there when...

Mimi and Papa’s Military Service

David (73) and Cindy (74) shares their experiences in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam era. They discuss the importance of defending our freedom and the constitution.

Teresa Clement and Ray Ambrozak

Teresa Clement (58) interviews her father, Ray Ambrozak (85), about what it was like to get drafted into the military, his work in psychological operations, and his time in Laos.