WW2 interview with Grandma

I, Joseph Jewell age 17, interviews my grandmother, Sharon Jewell age 83 about World War 2 and her experiences as a young child.

Mema’s Memories and Wisdom

Mema talked about her life growing up and all she is brateful for

The Adventures of a Japanese American: Hiroshi Hamada (1935 to Present 2017)

Hiroshi Hamada tells about his adventures as a young boy throughout his families’ struggles during World War II and his experiences as an adult.

Living in Late and post war Europe and immigrating to the U.S.

This is the story of how life was for her and her family during late and post World War Two.

Grandma Joan Interview 04/10/21

This is a interview of my Grandma Joan Pemberton and she was talking about her life.

The life and times of Joe Savage

I got the pleasure of interviewing my grandfather, Joe Savage, and learned about my great grandfather’s time in WW2 and my grandfathers major influences

Interview with Henry

Me and my friend Henry have a discussion about his life growing up. The interview is school related and how his illness affected his life.

Jewish roots

This is an interview about my dad and his relationship to his father. He speaks of my grandpa’s escape from the Nazis during World War 2 and about our Jewish roots.

Tunis Stephens

Tunis Stephens from Alabama talks about his experiences in World War II

Annie ZurMuehlen

My grandma talked about her childhood, family stories, her grandpa, and how she became a Delta Gamma.

Warren McCulloch Interview Chris Adams (UNT History 2685) March 17, 2019.

An interview with my grandpa about his experience growing up in the Great Depression and his Marine service during World War II.

My interview with grandma

My grandma has lived through so much history at 90 years old. She has lived in Brooklyn, NY her entire life. I’ve learned so much from her. In this interview she shares stories of her youth, her life and her...

I Never Saw a Banana: And Other Stories About World War ll

In a both scary and touching interview, 15-year old Milo Silverstein sits down with his British Nana, Keitha Silverstein, and hears all about her childhood growing up outside of London in the 1940’s during World War ll. Keitha paints a...

APUSH Grade Reclamation Project: Semester 1

This interview was between my grandma, Bettie Sarver, and me, Lindsey Barrett, about what her life was like from childhood to retirement.

Evacuating from Ukraine – June 1941
November 9, 2020 App Interview

Memory of the evacuation from Ukraine during the start of WW2.

Interview with my grandmother

My grandmother speaks about her experience living in Denmark during World War II.