Olivia Figley and James Figley

Olivia Figley (18) shares a conversation with her grandfather, James "Patrick" Figley (83), about their family, Patrick’s faith, how he became a minister, and the values that he practices in life.

Recording – 06-25-2023 13:42:50

Thane Walkup (51 years old) interviews his father (79 years old) about how he ended up in Army Intelligence and was ordered to spy on American citizens in violation of posse comitatus, the consequences of his refusal to follow the...

Shelby Butler and Jana De Benedetti

One Small Step conversation partners, Shelby Butler (29) and Dr. Jana De Benedetti (60), discuss their views on different topics, including abortion, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the US political party system.

Philosophy Interview- Heart Transplant Scenario with Nicole

Theresa interviews Nicole in a hypothetical scenario involving a heart donor and three potential candidates. Questions about ethics, morality, and more in the field.

Madison Medlin and Juliette Talamantes

I, Madison, discuss the ethics of handling sensitive medical information of minors with Juliette, who's going into pediatrics.

Wildlife Biology and Ethics

Two students doing an ethics interview

Interview of Bella

In this interview I will be interviewing one of my classmates named Bella Benavidez. She would like to become a physical therapist so I asked her some ethical question that related to her future career.

Emma Guth and her grandfather Terry Rude talk about his childhood and his lifestyle as a teen through the culture.

On December 5, 2018 Emma interviews her grandfather in Greenville, South Carolina about his life as a teenager and how it was influenced by the culture. Terry discusses how he came to know the lord and how his childhood affected...

Jeff Blumenthal and Sean Ozée

One Small Step partners Jeff Blumenthal (62) and Sean Ozée (43) talk about their Jewish community in Oklahoma City, their views on various social issues in Oklahoma, and the "God moments" that have marked their lives.

BLAW 4340

An overview of an ethical dilemma encountered, the outcome, and home it impacted the interviewee.

Ethical Dilemma

A story about a person who encountered an ethical dilemma while at work.

Ethics in Political Media

Mathias Miles talks to me about his work in campaigns and the ethics that go into play.

Elizabeth Vasquez and a Future Lab Technician, Bryna Zuniga

Bryan Zuniga is being interviewed by Elizabeth Vasquez for an ethics project.

Actor in a Scenario Interview

Hi there! Here’s an interview for my college ethics class about what sort of actions and thoughts goes into an actor’s mind if they were put in a complicated scenario. A peer of mine, Joshua, is being interviewed by me...

Ethical Delima

A story about a friendship

Ethical dilemma

An ethical dilemma that was encountered and how it was handled and responded to.

Joseph Daniels and Lauren Pearson-Dawe

Joseph Daniels (29) and his OSS interview partner, Lauren Pearson-Dawe (28), speak about their opposing political views and how we can best move forward as a country.