Niyubunto Desire’s Interview About Tanzania

We talked about his experience in Tanzania and the politics in there and in the U.S.

Aiden Hansen’s Interview

I interview my grandma about her ethnic background and what she is most proud of.

Interview with my mom, Miguelina.

On may 15, I interview my Mom and I asked her brief questions about her race and ethnicity and what it means to be part of her community.

An Interview on Max Castillo.

I interview Mr. Castillo and ask him how race and ethnicity have affected him in his day to day life.

Joseph Wesolowski and Wendy Wesolowski

Joseph Wesolowski (76) talks with his wife, Wendy Wesolowski (59), about growing up as a street kid in the East Village of New York City, high school, his career in Engineering and adoption of their children.

Christina Lee and Miya Libman

Christina Heyon Lee (50) and her daughter, Miya Libman (19), talk about identity and the recent rise in racial violence toward Asian Americans. They talk about watching Korean shows and using Korean food and music to embrace their Korean heritage.

interviewing a college student

in this interview I got the chance to see a what a college student point of view was towards what he thought race and ethnicity is in this society and how there are some ways to fix those conflicts.

interviewing Basant Bohnan

We discussed some questions that teaches people more about us and things we love sharing with others about our ethnicity/religion.

Interviewing my sister Yuli

In this interview, I discuss the topics of race and ethnicity and how they have imposed challenges for my sister as she goes through her journey with education.

Hair as an equalizer for a Ghanaian schoolgirl

A Ghanaian woman tells me about her childhood experience in Nigeria where hairstyles were a part of the school uniform, how she feels about the time it takes to get her hair braided, and the hilarious story of the first...

Interviewing my friend Uriel Sanchez.

I am Migel Rivera interviewing my friend Uriel Sanchez about the struggles he and his community face due to race and ethnicity.

Ashley Jardin and JP Ramirez

Ashley & JP have a conversation about the Aloha spirit, people of Hawaii, and what it means to "talk story" sharing ourselves, the importance of honoring a people's culture with respect, living our values, being in good company with each...

Interviewing my neighbor Esperanza Meza

I interviewed my neighbor Esperanza Meza. She talks about how her race and ethnicity affect her in the U.S.

Interview with Jade.

My interviewiee and I discuss her race, her personal life, and education.