Martin Wegbreit and Sara Rhem

One Small Step partners Martin Wegbreit (71) and Sara Rhem (58) discuss the role religion plays in their lives and their experiences losing their sons to suicide.

Steven Erickson, Patricia Erickson, and Hannah Mitchell

Steve Erickson (60), Patricia Erickson [no age given] and their long lost friend Hannah Mitchell (35) discuss how they reconnected after decades, during which Hannah had seemed to disappear with her schizophrenic mother. They describe how they were finally able...

Crystal Lafontaine and Hugo Rene Alvarado Palomo

Crystal LaFontaine (24) and her boyfriend Hugo Alvarado (54) discuss their respective backgrounds and histories with drug addiction, their memories of living together in the Five Points neighborhood of Detroit, their experiences overcoming addiction, and their new home together in...

Taylor on single parenting: “its just really hard and you don’t get to see your kid like you want to.”

Taylor Noskowaik takes time out of her busy life to sit down with Preston Spangler and talk about her experiences as a single parent and all of the financial and social implications that stem from raising a child on your...

Alejandro Monzon and Christian Glennon

Advocate Christian Glennon (22) interviews Alejandro Monzon (26) about his effort to prevent a mass tenant eviction in Chicago. Autonomous Tenants Union (ATU) partnered with attorneys to rally, prevent increasing gentrification, empower families and Latino communities, and prevent discrimination.