Barbara Johnson and her grandson Jeremy McCollum in Seattle, WA

Barbara Johnson remembers life, faith, and family in Seattle from the 1930s until today with her grandson Jeremy McCollum.

My Mothers Journey – part 2

This is the story of my mother and her journey through Islam.

Helen Powers on Mother's Day 2021

Helen Powers (78) shares part of her life story with her 5 children and husband, Edward Powers, Sr. (78). Children are Thomas Powers (53), Theresa Powers (52), Edward Powers, Jr. (50), Anne Kinsey (49) and Patricia Powers (45). Grandchildren Henry...

Tracy Myers and Kathleen Peake

One Small Step partners Tracy Myers (65) and Kathleen Peake (65) discuss small government, talking politics with family members, and respecting other's beliefs.

Keyonna Williams and Herman Lemons

Keyonna Williams: 2020-11-28 22:18:24.... Keyonna Williams (15) talks with her stepdad, Hermon (42) about life, illness, and God.

My Mothers Journey part 3

This is the story of my mothers journey through Islam.

Suzanne Sheppard and Kerry Britt

Kerry Britt (58) interviews fellow home school parent and teacher, Suzanne Sheppard (51) about requirements, differences, and stereotypes in the home school communities in Georgia and Alabama.