A Perspective on 9/11

An interview with my mother who lived during the September 11th attacks. This is her experience with the events that happened on that day.

Maria Rodriguez

My mother recounts memorable and important things about her life, as well as events and changes that have impacted her greatly

Hard Work Is What Matters

My uncle has had many life experiences that have taught him how to be a hard worker and the person he is today.

Great Thanksgiving Project

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Wylie, Texas, Noora Hosseini (14) interviews her friend Dennis Wahkinney (66) about his life serving in the Vietnam war. Mr.Wahkinney shares how his life was effected from serving and basic life in...

Mother talks about love, work, childhood, and life experiences.

My mom talks about how she met my dad and that they went from friends to husband and wife. She also talks about how rich people don’t appreciate families. She talks about her fatherless childhood. And she talks about how...

“I got to learn more about my dad’s childhood”

In this interview, I got to know more about my dad’s childhood as well as what he did when he a small kid. I didn’t know that my dad was like because I thought I knew my dad but actually...

Yaima Castillo’s live (spanish)

It was mostly about her life and her experiences. But, it's also about her family.

Lexi Springer and Brother Luca Springer Talk About the Struggle of Growing Up Involved in Social Media

This interview conducted December 2020 in Naperville, Illinois, Lexi Springer (14) interviews her brother Luca Springer (16) about growing up involved in social media. Luca shares opinions, past experiences, and issues with social media that himself and others have faced....

Joshua Golden and Megan LaBass

Joshua Golden (Senior) talks with Megan LaBass about their life and their experience with Covid-19.

Father and Daughter Bond

My father and I talked about him and his experience and expectations.


This interview covers basic life experience from Carrie's athletic and college experience and how she was able to translate that into what she is now as a fitness director.

From trailer park to a successful nurse

This interview is about my Moms work career and the behind the scene moments that we don’t hear everyday.

Homestay Interview

I interviewed my friend Yuka. I interviewed her at Tokyo Japan. In interview I asked about her homestay experience. She gave me a advice for homestay. I asked her because I want to try homestay so I want to listen...

Mock Interview

An interview with classmate Kory Barrow, 23. We talked about his life

What It Means to Volunteer

I had the pleasure of interviewing the volunteer coordinator at my school, Auggie. We discussed many topics such as positivity, volunteering, and his own personal experiences with volunteering.

Valeria’s life
September 17, 2020 App Interview

I am interviewing a Valeria about her life


We were talking about Kate life experiences and our relationship