Art is a lifestyle

Within this interview, Tyler Benjamin told me his thoughts about the arts and how society lacked in knowingbtghe importance of having them in our daily lives. Not just because the Arts changed his life but because it is a way...

Jo Ann Graham and Kathleen Brophy

One Small Step partners, Jo Ann Graham (71) and Kathleen "Kathy" Brophy (58), discuss their upbringing and relationship with their families. They talk about sexuality, gender expression, and religion.

Erika Atkinson and Linda Wang

Linda Wang (36) and Erika Atkinson (75) talk about the role that journal writing has played in their lives. They talk about when they got their first journals, how it feels to write in their journals, their practices and commitment...

Kelsey Barnes and Kyana Sanchez Rodarte

Friends, colleagues, and current college students Kelsey Barnes (19) and Kyana Sanchez Rodarte (19) share a conversation about protecting and celebrating Black hair and expression. They also talk about their work as youth leaders on anti-hair discrimination legislation and supporting...

Mystery Girl

I met my cousin in late 2019, she met me 12 years prior as a baby. I remember being anxious and excited to meet her, happy to finally fill what I felt was sort of a gap since I had...

Gender continuum talk over coffee

This interview is a casual talk about genders and how most of us can relate to having both masculine and feminine qualities throughout our lifetimes. The basis from which this conversation is directed is an article used in my Family...