Lowell Volden

Jena Vander Broek interviews her Grandma's friend (Gloria Erickson) Lowell Volden about his experience growing up in Minnesota and moving out to Las Vegas and Utah. He tells about his experiences in the Air Force and favorite memories of living...

Doug Fuller 9/11

Perspective of 9/11 from a Lt. Col of the Airforce. This took place at Barksdale airforce base.

Jerry Price – November 2018

During this interview, we discussed the early years of Jerry Price’s youth. As a kid he ran a nightcrawler and lawn mowing business while juggling choir, orchestra and band in school. He later joined a bowling league. After his time...

Performing Arts and Experiences Pt. 1

We talk about our feelings about performing arts, specifically dance and other life experiences and opinions.

Molly interviews her mother

Molly asks questions about what life was like in the Air Force during OIF/OEF

Keesler, 338th, Women’s AC

How the women students of the 338TRS used St Patrick's Day to get their air conditioning fixed.

Talking to Grandpa about WWll (and some other stuff)

This is me and my mom talking to Aubrey Wells, my Grandpa, about WWII (and some other stuff, too.)

Life of an Airman

I asked Air Force veteran about his life in the Air Force and how it affected his life in many ways. He had some very interesting details and I learned a lot.

Emma Leggett and her grandmother discuss living through WW2, teaching high school seniors, and raising two children in Pascagoula, MS.

In this interview, conducted November 24, 2018, Emma Leggett (16) interviews her grandma, Sue Leggett (78), about her children, her teaching career, and funny stories! Mimi, as her grandchildren call her, explains many noticeable differences in the political system. She...

My mom’s childhood memories

My mom moved around a lot throughout her childhood due to her dad being in the air force. She lived on air force bases and speaks of what it was like

Interview with Paul DuClose

This is an interview with Paul DuClose, a pararescue jumper in the Air Force, detailing his experiences training and working in the military.

My father, the Drill Instructor!

My father is a man of very few words, he’s a quiet, but very serious man. I could never imagine him yelling, I found it fascinating that he was a Drill Instructor in the Air Force, back in the early...

History Project 2018

During this interview I learned a lot more about my past neighbors life. Mr.Rick reminded me a lot about how technology has taken over our life’s as kids when he told me how much he loves to be outside. Mr.Rick...

Cartwheel in formation

The time Airman Dukleth got a 341 pulled for doing a cartwheel in formation.

Savannah Hill and her Grandpa Adolph Svec’s experiences from college, the military, and his family.

An interview with my grandfather about his experiences and reflections on his life during his different careers. He talks about his military life, teaching life, important people in his life, and the history of his parents and grandparents.

My Taiwanese Air Force Veteran Grandpa

In this interview, I talked with my grandpa who was a Lieutenant General in the Taiwanese Air Force. We talked about the book that was written about his and others' experiences, 鐵翼雄鷹:大溪計畫口述歷央, his many awards, and about a time when...

Dad’s time at Kunsan Air Base

Korea Defense Veteran describes his time in the Wolf Pack along with other stories from this deployment.

Interview with GG
November 26, 2022 App Interview

This Interview is between Madeleine(15yo) and her great grandmother Polly Braig(95yo). During our time together we discussed a few stories form her life.

John Painter’s Moon Landing Story

John Painter shares his Moon Landing story for the Moon Landing in Context Project at Framingham State University. John discusses his experience serving as an Air Force Navigator in the late 1950s, working as an Electrical Engineer at the NASA...

A Veteran’s Transition & Life After – (USA v. Joaquin C.)

Take a moment to listen to Mr. Joaquin Cuenca, a Veteran recounting his transition experience of having to face the United States of America in a Federal Court of Law while retiring from military service and the surprising direction in...