Teacher Interview

This is an interview with Mr.Guess, who was my geometry teacher last year.

I think that students want to push themselves.

Professor Stanley Chang talks with his student, Xi Xi ’17, about his passion for mathematics and the innovative ways he gets students excited about math.

This type of relationship – that connection – I think is something special that happens here.

Margo Sulmont ’13 talks with her Wellesley art professor, Daniela Rivera, about how her drawing class helped prepare her for a career in urban planning.

It was an opportunity I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t come to Wellesley.

Professor Bryan Burns talks with Kaylie Cox ’18 about their experiences in Greece working together on the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project.

Adam Wilson and Sofya Aptekar
September 5, 2018 App Interview

Adam Wilson and his partner Sofya Aptekar talk about the importance of different unions standing in solidarity with each other, even within the same workplace. Sofya is on the faculty staff union at UMass Boston, and she describes a specific...

I'm so grateful for you to be coming back to Wellesley.

Marta Rainer '98 talks with her former teacher, now friend and colleague, Nora Hussey, about their love of theater and their work at Wellesley.

There's an "empowering women" vibe. Ask your question. Assert yourself.

Professor Kristina Niovi Jones and Nisreen Abo-Sido '18 discuss their passion for botany and science. They examine how Wellesley offers a unique environment for women in STEM.

Everywhere I’ve met up with Wellesley women, I think, ‘Ah ha!’

Martha Teichner and Milly Cooper Glimcher reflect on how their experiences at Wellesley fostered their interests and ambitions, and share their thoughts on how Wellesley prepares women to enter the public sphere.