Mary Ann Shares Wisdom

Mary Ann shares stories of growing up, meeting her husband, and advice for future generations.

Nana & Pop

My grandparents answered questions about their lives.

Advice for future generations.

Your faith in Jesus is the most important thing about you. How to love is the greatest lesson to learn.

A Spiritual Life

A look into the life of Genie Hart. She talks about growing up and her family. She talks about her spiritually.

Wendy Dorothy DeStefano

Interview with my grandmother about love, life, family, and happiness.

Honoring Cassandra: A Story of Love, Faith, and Legacy

Bridget talks to Kurt about his relationship with his daughter Cassandra, his faith, and the creation of the Cassandra Voss Center at St. Norbert College.

Gissell Flores and her aunt Gabriela Pinedo talk about life lessons.

In this interview, Gissell Flores and her aunt, Gabriela Pinedo, talk about some of the lessons life has taught them. Her aunt shares a profound religious experience she had with her younger child, Jacob. She gives teenagers an advice that...

Adelina Taylor talks about stories of her life, marriage,and family.

Adelina Grande Taylor talks about her early childhood and her family background. She talks about World War II and her memories of it. She talks about her late husband telling stories about him and how they met. She speaks of...

Sweet Advice from Joe and Ann George

Joe and Ann stressed the importance of faith and they also expressed their advice on how to raise kids. They also talked a little about their experience from immigrating here to the US from Iraq. #ASHStoryCorps2017 #TheGreatThanksgivingListen

Interview With my Mom

We discussed primarily what was important to my mom in her life and many of her outlooks on life.

Grandma and Papa ~ 54 Years Together

We talked about how my grandparents met, their wedding, honeymoon, travel, work, children, and the importance of relationships, love and faith in God in the midst of marriage and life.

Interview with Nonna

Although she’s sick of hearing it, my Nonna is a strong, powerful woman. She like the rest of my family has lost so much but know that she will always have her family to lean on. Faith is one of...

Franklin John Brummett and Vanport

5 grown children interview their 84 year old father about his life, love and growing up In The wartime ship building town of Vanport, Oregon, which suffered a devastating flood and was never rebuilt

Timothy 2

On November 25, 2017 Monica Ann Guzman is interviewed by Dominic Issac Cervantes Jr, her son. She elaborates on many topics including parenthood, life, and future advice. This interview was concluded in Austin, Texas.