Adelle Sims is interviewed by her daughter, Ella Pharo, about her life.

In this interview, my mom and I discussed her childhood, adulthood, found memories, and important historical/ political things that stand out to her. We also talked about our relationship and other personal things that had an impact on her life.

Dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden

Konrad and I talked about our trip to the Creation Museum and Konrad’s reflection on the difference between church service in Indonesia and here in the United States.

Angeles Diaz Interview

In brief, we talked a lot about her childhood with my father and my grandparents. With this we talked about how her experiences moved her faith, especially when she lost her husband.

April Brooke with Stephanie Link

God impacting the lives of two friends who left Mormonism.

Gabby Story – Nicole Brindle’s Past

Nicole Brindle has shared about past events in her life that are traumatic and how she has been able to cope and move on from those events.

A student affairs professional works out of his faith to help students respond to the larger than life questions.

Nick describes the ways in which he sees God in his work. Many times it’s a matter of being an affirming presence for those who have not experienced that in their lives.

How does God’s presence shape our lives?

A spiritual director talks about her experiences and God’s hand shaping her life. At the very end she proposes a helpful way to look for and describe God’s presence in daily life.

Interview with Kimberly Robinson

My mother talks about her life as an only child and how her faith is a key element in her life.

Grandma Diane and her grand daughter Lelaina talk about Grandma’s life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Mohawk, New York, Lelaina Beauregard interviews her grandma Diane about her childhood and her faith in life. Grandma Diane talks about her experience with faith in college and how she found it....

Young Erangey

Young Erangey, my grandma, has always kept her faith in God. She discusses her love for her parents and how it was like falling in love in Korea. She also talks about her two daughters and the hopes she has...

Gran at Thanksgiving 2017

Being a mother, what she wants grandkids to know. Life with Grandad. Faith.

“I Want Ice Cream”

Religion was important to her. She thinks that everything is good and people should remember her as a happy, peppy woman.

The Importance of Coming Together for the Holidays

My grandparents answered questions about faith and the holidays when they were growing up. Both of them grew up in the 1950s and were born right before WW2 ended and then right after.

Andrea Sanders France

Through this interview Andrea and I talked about her life, including childhood memories, passions, children, and the difficulties she has had to face. Together we explored her past and memories.

Stories from Mr. Jandeska.

Mr. Jandeska talked about his job as an electrical engineer working with StarWars (Not the movie) and volunteering with bible studies and how all of it was connected to his faith in God.

The World According to Eden

Eden’s view of Living and Learning and Loving

Adelina Taylor talks about stories of her life, marriage,and family.

Adelina Grande Taylor talks about her early childhood and her family background. She talks about World War II and her memories of it. She talks about her late husband telling stories about him and how they met. She speaks of...