Andi Heinemann and Liam Garris

Liam Garris (18) talks to her mom, Andi Heinemann (56), about what motivates her: Her faith, family, and resiliency during dark times. This was my (Liam) first interview I have done and I personally learned a lot regarding my moms...

William Gray (Grampa Bill)

Chase Gray Interviewer (grandson) William Ernest Gray || talked about William’s (Bill’s) Life and family, his spiritual journey, involvement in Church and positive influences in his life

Kris Robertson and Ian Campbell

One Small Step conversation partners Ian Campbell (27) and Kris Robertson (59) take an hour to discuss their multi-regional experience with America and how it has shaped their faith and political perspective.

Christen Brouillette and Gretchen Moirtensen

One Small Step conversation partners Christen Brouillette (24) and Gretchen Moirtensen (67) have a conversation about family acceptance of coming out, abortion, civil rights issues, and government assistance.

Lenora Williams Hameed Omenka

Lenora Williams Hameed Omenka [no age given] shares her experience as a caregiver to close friends and family members with breast cancer and the importance of caring for one's self in caring for others. She shares how these experiences led...

Bessie Duncan and Sheryl Dobson

Sheryl Dobson (60) asks her mentor and friend, Rev. Dr. Bessie Duncan (80) about her relationship to God, and her most important experiences and life teachings.

Identity and Faith: Growing Up Gay in the LDS Church

Tracey Fluegel (55) tells her son Oliver Fluegel-Murray (18) about her young adulthood after growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Going into her struggles in discovering her sexuality and identity while in a culture that...

Gloria Weston-Smart, Joyce Thomas, and Joann Bynum Johnson

Sisters Gloria Weston-Smart (66), Joyce Thomas (64), and Joann Bynum Johnson (61) reminisce about their childhood together, remember family members who have passed away, and express gratitude for the tight-knit community that they grew up in.

Sidney Davis and Dorothy Garza

Dorothy Garza (63) interviews her friend Sidney Davis (75) about how he beat cancer, what it was like being incarcerated for over 30 years, and the ways in which God influences his daily life.

Richard Sanford and Emmanual Phillips

Richard Sanford, III (52) and Emmanual Phillips (28) discuss growing up primarily with or without access to technology, the importance of surrounding oneself with people who think differently from each other, and the importance religious faith can play in working...

Allegra Gassert-DeMan and Stephanie Dennis

One Small Step conversation partners Allegra Gassert-DeMan (40) and Stephanie Dennis (61) spend an hour discussing motherhood, moving to a new city, and political issues that don't garner enough attention.

BFF Interview!

Tula Nicholson (19) interviewed her best friend Amy Peters (18) over facetime. Topics discussed included how their friendship began, best memories, info about Amy’s personal life, deep questions, and more!

Tammy Henry, Wilbertine Calhoun, and Tiffiny Benton-Hoke

Sisters Tammy Henry [no age given] and Tiffiny Benton-Hoke [no age given] sit down with their mother, Wilbertine Calhoun (73), to ask her about the parts of her life story that she has not shared with her daughters. As she...

Marie Dunbar and Bill Dunbar

Spouses, Marie Dunbar (45) and Bill Dunbar (62), explain what it means to be practicing Seventh-Day Adventists Christians, discuss the role God plays in their daily lives, and share stories about their most memorable spiritual experiences.

Daniel Baughn and Marissa Kanz

Marissa Kanz (38) talks with her ex-husband, Daniel Baughn (40), about their friendship, courtship, marriage and divorce. They talk about their shared spiritual faith, their six-year-old daughter and Daniel Baugh's coming out after they were married. They then talk about...

conversations with my Uncle Ken

Interview with Uncle Ken Crenshaw who is 58 years old. we talked about Uncle Ken’s life goals and his faith.

Eloise Anderson’s Catholic views

I interviewed Eloise Anderson. Eloise is 78 years old, she was born and raised in Hammond, Louisiana. She talks about her views on God and her experiences as a Catholic.

History Of Baba Dalbir Singh

I Surinder Kaur interviewed baba Dalbir Singh ji a family friend who is a priest at the Gurdwara (church) I attend every week. They are 63 years old and in the interview we basically talked about their life lessons, people...

John Kaniecki, poet, opens up about his life, mental illness, faith in God, and writing career.

John Kaniecki's interview expands on his books, "More Than The Madness" and "Murmurings of a Mad Man". Known as the "Poet to the Poor" (book title), John also highlights his commitment to social justice, a better environment and a more...

Recording – 03-14-2024 10:06:30

Jill talks about her mother, Sylvia, who recently passed away. she recalls her life and the legacy she passed on to her children and grandchildren.