Media and the Younger Generation

I sit down and talk to someone important in my life about the rising use of media and how it has changed the world.

Social Media and the polarization of society

We talked of the role that social media has on political views of the nation.

My Moms Perspective on Life before and after the Internet

My mom discusses with me how she views the use of the internet and how it can both be helpful but also detrimental to our society.


Ashley M. Jones, writer, poet and founder of the Magic City Poetry Festival in Birmingham, discusses the meaning and the importance of press freedom in the U.S. with Eline Marx, from PEN America.

Chan Williams Discussing the Change in News Media with Her Mom

Chan Williams (26) and her mother Jill Williams (57) discuss journalism. Jill Williams is a high school journalism teacher. In this conversation they discuss teaching journalism, memories of the news growing up and the changes in news media since then.

Effects of coronavirus and the media With Oquin Robinson

Vcu student, Oquin Robinson speaks about how coronavirus has affected his personal life and his consumption of the media. Speaks about fake news in the media and what this pandemic has taught him

Masc 101 Media with Mom

In this interview, I discussed the difference in media from 1962 to 2020 with my mom, Cindy Bailey.

Fake News

Today I, Joseph Mason, 21 year old student at VCU talked to my mother, Deanna Mason. We talked about the news and how it has changed over time, especially since Donald Trump became president.