Kennedy Sanders on Romance

Kennedy Sanders, a sophomore at UTK, discusses some of her romantic lows in college and how they changed her attitudes.

Taylor on single parenting: “its just really hard and you don’t get to see your kid like you want to.”

Taylor Noskowaik takes time out of her busy life to sit down with Preston Spangler and talk about her experiences as a single parent and all of the financial and social implications that stem from raising a child on your...

Annie Waggoner on Finding Meaning in Life: “We touch a lot more people than we know. And in ways we don’t think about.”

This interview is private.

Jessica Thomas on Finding Meaning in Life (Part 1): “I realized I have a heart for people in poverty.”

This interview is private.

Interview with Jake Yelich

Jake Yelich talks to Tommy Sprague about playing college football as a non-scholarship athlete

Katie Gouge on Romance

Katie Gouge talks about the expectations she had for her dating life in college and how her idealistic outlook changed quickly.

Cathy on being a single mom: “Hell yeah, I got this.”

Cathy Fox sits down with Preston Spangler to talk about her experiences with being a single mom. Although she is not a woman of many words, she shares some powerful stories about her hardships raising four kids after a divorce.