Con mi Abuela

My last day in Colombia; after meeting my grandmother for the first time and spending these 3 weeks together, I wanted to take her voice with me.

Krysten Nieves: Su vida en Nueva York y su amor por la familia

Entrevisté a Krysten en Oscar’s Taco Shop para mi Entrega 4. Hablamos sobre su familia, a quien ella ama mucho, y su infancia en Nueva York.

La entrevista de María

This is part of class project for my Spanish class. María is from Morelia, Mexico, but she now live in Knoxville, Tennessee. She sat down with me and gave me insight into her life.

My mom’s struggle

I asked my mom a series of questions about her life

La Historia de Rosalia

Esta es la historia de mi mamá, Rosalia Salinas. En la cual comparte su historia de su infancia, su viaje a los Estados Unidos, y da consejos sobre las lecciones a lo largo de su vida.

proyecto de español

preguntas para mi mamá que yo la entreviste

Historia de Sonia

Sonia talks about her family and having to move away from Colombia. She describes some of her favorite things from Colombia and what she misses. Sonia also talks about childhood and her years at high school and what she likes...

Hablando con mi mama

Esto es la entrevista de parte de mi mama. Ojala le guste esto.

“Si yo pudiera retroceder el tiempo, lo haría.” (If I could go back in time, I would.)

I interviewed my mother about her growing up as a child in poverty and how that impacted her today. She also talked about the value of family and how you shouldn’t take them for granted, like she told me “Tu...

Madre y higa

Una conversación entre madre y higa donde ablan de sus experiencias.

The Impact of the Farmworker Life on my Family.

Frank was the youngest of a large farmworker family. He shares how that experience impacted his life as a child, an adult, a father, a husband and a grandfather.

"quiero que sean alegre" (I want you guys to be happy)

My dad tells the story of meeting my mom and the day of their marriage. He also talks about getting in trouble in school and his journey from Mexico to the United States. Mi papa habla sobre su noviazgo con...

my mother

this is a interview between me and my mother in Spanish.