Steve (Esteban) Bell interviewed by Diane Stoiber about his memories of the 1960's. And how what he did in the late 1960's changed his life

Diane Stoiber (69) Interviewed Steve (Esteban) Bell (76): 2020-08-26 19:17:01 In this interview, you will learn Steve's experiences, at Marquette University and in Panama, and even a movie he saw in Panama in the late 1960's that changed his life...

Tristan and Heidi Hershberger

asking my younger brother random questions for school: 2020-09-25 23:40:13

Linda Goldsmith and Audrey Perry

Linda Goldsmith: 2020-09-11 15:46:25 Interview my mother Audrey Perry.

Jose Matamoros and Ritchie Asuego Pastoral ministry during times of social crisis

Jose Matamoros: 2020-08-27 19:32:01 A conversation regarding the joy and challenges of pastoral ministry, as well as the opportunities for the multi cultural church to be essential and influential

Emma Kiefer

Emma Kiefer (17) interviews her Grandmother, Carole Kiefer (78) about her life.

Gabriela Davidescu and Sa'id Muhammad

Gabriela Davidescu(20) talks with one of her best friends, Sa'id Muhammad(20) talking about "Made in America Festival" and about not giving up.

Interview with my Dad (Katelyn Nguyen and Ricky Nguyen)

Katelyn Nguyen (15) and Ricky Nguyen (47) talk about the struggles of leadership, parenting, and his childhood in Vietnam.

Zack Trammell

Zack Trammell and Katy Moore about life

Cam Ferri interviews Samantha

Cam Ferri interviews his sister Samantha on how she goes through the creative process.

The Ed and Kathy Sullivan Show

Stephen Sullivan: 2020-07-08 02:04:03- Steve Sullivan (55) interviews his parents Ed and Kathy Sullivan about their life together, lessons learned, and how they have managed political differences while being cooped up due to coronavirus.

Haydn Miller and Jasmine Brenneman

Haydn Miller (22) talking with classmate Jasmine Brenneman (40) about her life experiences.

Jack Lenschmidt – Global Studies Interview

I interviewed my friend that I had lost connection with after we went to different high schools.

Ben Rosenberg and Audrey Rosenberg

Ben Rosenberg: 2020-06-04 20:08:31 Ben Rosenberg talks to his sister, Audrey Rosenberg about quarantine and some of the differences between public and private school and also normal versus online schooling.

Avery Belcher And Jocelyn Miller-Hayes

Me And My Grandmother(54) Jocelyn Miller-Hayes. Talked About Her Pregnancy With her Oldest Child.

Devin Taylor

Devin Taylor: 2020-11-20 02:15:47

Veteran's Day interview with my Uncle Paul – Hogan

Carter Hogan: 2020-11-11 20:06:25 In this interview, I spoke to my Uncle, Paul Hogan, who is a West Point graduate and Army veteran of 5 years. We discussed topics varying from his early adolescence, to his experiences in overseas deployments...

Dan Magnie & Joan Gregerson

Dan Magnie (69) talks with his sister, Joan Gregerson (60) about growing up in Denver, Colorado

Public Library Workers and COVID

Jocelyne Sansing interviews Donna Loretta about how COVID has impacted her job at the library and how she is coping with COVID.

Yash Patel and Shardaben Patel

Shardaben Patel (86) talks to her grandson, Yash Patel (18) about her childhood and experiences in Kenya, India, and the United States.

Mark Falanga interviews his Mother Dolores Falanga who is 93 years old about her current life.

Mark Falanga: 2020-07-15 20:42:04 Mark Falanga (61) interviews his mother, Dolores Falanga (93) about her life after moving from New York to California 20 years ago.

Giulia and Nyra Talk About Being Ace

Giulia (16) and Nyra (16) talk about what it's like to be asexual.