This is an interview between me and my mom, just a overall summary of us and our life.

My Interview

The talk was about my partners experience coming to a new country

Remembering Gramma Dottie
November 22, 2018 App Interview

Talking with my grandfather about my grandmother who died before I was born.


We are both the oldest siblings in our family. Elise is the Aunt of Ellie.

Margret Ann Kistler

My Grandma has some good and fun memories of her childhood, lots and lots of great memories with her children and is now making awesome memories with her grandchildren

In class interview

Interviewing Gavin , looking at family, spiritual belief, and school

Thanksgiving Assignment 2

We talked about his childhood. We also talked about how things have changed since back then.

Rockin interview

One of the best people to interview. Talked about her family, jobs and marriage.

thanksgiving interview project

this interview is about in general family experiences and how he managed to get over it.

Kaylee Garcia

Asking about childhood, positive and negative experiences and future of Kaylee Garcia.

Interview for School

How he thought things good and bad helped shape him onto what he is today and how he’d want to be remembered

Dorothy Wright enlightens her granddaughter Christian on what her life has been like over the years.

Dorothy explained what her life was like growing up in the late thirties and early forties. She explained her feelings towards raising her children, and shared some of her own childhood experiences.

Interview with Dad

We are interview my Dad about his life and what was the difficult moment of his life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my mother, asking her several questions about her history and family life.

Interview 1

We talked about life and people that she is grateful for.

Brook Herwehe, Autumn Herwehe

Interviewing my mom about who influenced her in her life, and her proudest moments.

Ahby’s interview

This interview is about her life and her perspective with the future.

A Mom’s Wisdom

A twenty minute interview mainly dealing with a stereotypical yoga mom’s wisdom.