Jim Batchelder and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Jim Batchelder, with thirteen generations in Massachusetts, recollects his life growing up in Andover. After becoming a beloved art teacher for many years, and working closely with the Andover Center for History and Culture to...

Jui Patel’s Interview – 01-02-2024 21:44:39

The interview is about Jui Patel who is 23 (soon to be 24). She’s my cousin who has influenced me a lot, I grew up with her and I wanted to know more about her. This interview is about her...

Brycen Prater interviews his father, Tyson Prater and asks him about his life and life experiences.

In this interview, conducted on April 29th, a student at Clover Park High School in Lakewood Washington, interviewing my dad, Tyson Prater about his life experiences. The main idea of the interview is how life has gone for him and...

Recording – 11-25-2023 21:21:18

Participant: Justin Jhun(14) Jasmine Jhun(18) Relationship: Brother and Sister We talked about school and the future of our world. As my sister mentioned about her regrets and positives of high school. She also mentioned and flaws of our world.

Growing Up

I talk to my mom about how I was raised and the challenges that came with it.

The Unbreakable Bond of Three Sisters

Catherine Grella (21) talks with a friend, Susan Martins (77) about her close relationship with her two sisters, her childhood, and the family dynamics that have shaped her into the woman that she is today.