Tiger Michiels and Mary Michiels

Tiger Michiels (69) talks with his sister Mary Michiels (61) about their atypical upbringing in Hollywood, enjoying many family adventures, living amongst movie stars, all ahead of Tiger's 70th birthday tomorrow.

Carol Loyer, William Loyer, and Anne Brande

Anne and her parents Bill and Carol talk about 4 generations of Wyoming Western photographers. The line is traced through the women in the family. They talk about how the family first emigrated from Germany to do photo work in...

Lori Chan Luna and Lanny Chan

Lori Chan Luna (68) and her brother Lanny Chan (70) talk about their Chinese-American upbringing, how their mother was a "Renaissance Woman," and reminisce about their family home in Visalia which was lovingly dubbed "The House of Chan" and was...

Steven Heyen, Alan Heyen, and Cindi Heyen

Steven Heyen (27) speaks with his father Alan Heyen (57) and mother Cindi Heyen (57) about their first meeting, marriage, starting a family business, battling cancer, and their emphasis on family.

Arturo Huerta and Arturo Huerta

Father and son duo, Arturo Huerta, Sr. (56) and Arturo Huerta, Jr. (28), discuss Arturo Sr.'s transition to the United States from Mexico and the businesses he established here.

William Lenzi and Sonya Lenzi

Dr. William Lenzi (72) shares some stories from his childhood with his daughter Sonya Lenzi (43).

Job biographies

Interview about my father's jobs: cavalry officer and his work at the family business.

“The whole Richmond community came together to save it!” -Roger, Theresa and Natalie share stories of their family and Richmond

In this interview, Natalie (Ripperger), Roger and Theresa Richert talk with Alison about starting in business early, how they managed to revitalize the Depot District with the help of the community, stories of local accomplishments, and why their family business...

Dorothy Godinez and Isabella Cordova

Dorothy Godinez (79) talks to her granddaughter Isabella Cordova (19), about how the family business started, the community it has created and remembers her late husband.


If one man's trash is another one's treasure, Donna grew up in a very rich family. Donna Mehalak describes growing up in the heyday of boardinghouses and bungalows of West Saugerties. She discusses her family's trucking and trash hauling business,...

Thomas Autobody

Discussion between a grandfather and granddaughter about a family autobody business.

Florence Ferber and Shira Marks

Shira Marks (29) speaks with her grandmother Florence Ferber (89) about her life and the recent death of grandfather, Florence's husband.

Delvin Wilson and Bee Delelisia Wilson

Delvin Wilson (56) and his daughter Bee "Delelisia" Wilson (28) talk about their family restaurant and catering business in Amarillo, Texas. They reflect on how they have shown up for their community during the 2020 pandemic and share how the...

Lauren Lanphear and Lisa Murphy

One Small Step conversation partners Lauren Lanphear (64) and Lisa Murphy (35) talk about their families, politics, home schooling and faith.

Russ Matson and Charles Matson

Brothers Russ Matson (75) and Charles Matson (68) discuss their family's construction business, and remember their father's involvement in the integration of Little Rock Central High School.

Dean Zaidan and Kate Zaidon

Dean Zaidan (61) talks with his daughter, Kate Zaidan (36), about the drive and risks he took to open his store, Dean's Mediterranean Imports, which Kate now runs. Dean tells Kate about his path that led him from Lebanon to...

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Marilyn Dubasak and Joe Gramc
September 23, 2020 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Marilyn Dubasek (69) and Joe Gramc (37) talk about their political beliefs, families and division in the country.

Alan Hassenfeld and G. Miller

Alan G. Hassenfeld [no age given] talks with his biographer, G. Wayne Miller (65), about Hasbro, its history as a family business, and his work today.

Paul Serrano, Sara Clark Serrano, and Paul Serrano

Paul Serrano, Jr. (31) interviews his parents Paul Serrano, Sr. [no age given] and Sara Clark Serrano [no age given] about their upbringings, their business at the Grand Central Market, and their aspirations.