Strengthening Familial Ties: The Impact of Religious, Sexual, and Personal Identities

Samantha Hano talks with her new friend, Katharine Baker, about the interplay between her various religious, sexual, and personal identities, and the role these identities play in strengthening familial ties.

Life Story Interview with Darlene Gryskiewicz

This is a life story interview I conducted for my Local Lives class at Concordia College. I interviewed Darlene Gryskiewicz, a local resident of the Fargo-Moorhead area. I chose to interview her to learn more about the Fargo-Moorhead area, and...

Great Grannie K and the Lindbergh Child Kidnapping

Eleanor Kolbert or Great Grannie K tells the story of the Lindbergh Child Kidnapping with a few small bonus stories of WW2, the Korean War and even the Mafia to her great-granddaughters Natalie and Brynn Drey at the age of...

Midlife Career Decisions with Francine Hileman

Francine shares some of the struggles she faced as a woman in the workplace. She also mentions the struggles she faced in her first marriage and how it affected her career and family life.

Frank Surface and Dontrese Brown

One Small Step conversation partners Frank Surface (66) and Dontrese Brown (48) talk about family life, the media, politics, and stepping out of their own bubbles.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interviewing my cousin for the gray thanksgiving listen made me realize that she is a really strong person who has gone through a lot but always looks at it in a positive way. This has taught me that when you...

Gabriella Gonzalez and Jose Gonzalez

Gabriella Gonzalez talks with her father, Jose Gonzalez, about his childhood in Cuba and his immigration to America. Listen as he discusses his most challenging moments in life, the bittersweet memories he has from his childhood, and the biggest lessons...