Interview of my Susu

In this recording, I (Kate Herman) interview my Susu. I learn about my family and all the lessons she learned in life.

"I wish your kids grow up to know the journey you've been on in your life". Sam David, with Diana David

Sam David and Diana David talk about life as siblings, heritage and the journey onward. For the 50450 Project: 50 interviews for Diana's 50th birthday 2021-07-09 04:15:08

Franklin Dillard and Franklin Dillard II

Franklin Dillard II (38) interviews his father, Franklin Dillard [no age given], about his family, his experience as a parent, and life lessons he would like to impart to future generations.

Delaitre Jordan Hollinger and Jacqueline Yvonne Perkins

Friends, colleagues, and partners in "good trouble," Delaitre Jordan Hollinger [no age given] and Jacqueline Yvonne Perkins (64), sit down for a conversation about their family history, their current projects, and the importance of preserving African American history.

Warren Olney and Andrea Brody

Friends and colleagues Warren Olney IV [no age given] and Andrea Brody [no age given] talk about Warren's rich history with journalism, which began in the 1960s, and has evolved into TV broadcasting, radio broadcasting, and podcasting. Together they talk...

Jenifer Ihm, Robert Donatelli, and Maureen Donatelli

Jenifer "Jeni" Ihm (48) interviews her parents, Robert "Bob" Donatelli (87) and Maureen Donatelli (86), about the death of the brother she never met, their parents and grandparents, how they met, and their lives in the past.

Rabbi Ori Har (interviewee) and Maya Laur (interviewer)

Ori Har: 2020-06-03 Maya Laur, age 18, talks with her family friend Rabbi Ori Har age 66. They discussed her family history and how her legacy as a daughter of Holocaust survivors impacts her life today and lives of future...

Nick Rocca and Cheyenne Jenvey

One Small Step conversation partners Nick Rocca (34) and Cheyenne Jenvey (45) talk about the loss of their fathers, their childhoods, their faith, and their political views.

Interview 4/24/20

This interview consisted of questions regarding family and previous encounters that my father has had and made. It also consisted of some lessons passed down from his father to him now down to me.