instilling discipline

The last place Louis Bourassa and his family imagined he would go was the military. Grace Bourassa, age 14, sits down with her dad, Louis Bourassa, on November 14, 2018, in Valley Village, California. She asks about the Marines and...

Cooking with mom

We talked about her childhood and about her family

Thanksgiving listen <3

We talked a lot about how relationship advice, and family relationships and how important they are. We also talked a bit about what it was like moving to America

Interview with mom part 2

Carried on from part one. Family relationships of Sharon Mudryk

Sisters Judy and Awilda talk to their great niece, Adalia, about their childhood and family life

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Roswell, Georgia, Adalia Molina (17) interviews her two great aunts, Judy (63) and Awilda(70). Throughout the interview they discuss their childhood and relationship with their other two siblings, Maggie and Jorge. They...