Flannery Enneking-Norton and Marie Maffey

[Recorded: November 22, 2022] Flannery (23) and Marie (69) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. A nursing student at the University of Virginia, Flannery desires to understand how to apply the teachings of her faith in the...

A conversation with my 18 year-old long term best friend, Isabel

We talked about childhood events that shaped us into who we are and our friend group that stemmed from our family relationships (our parents).

Sylvia Smoller and Jordan Smoller

Jordan Smoller [no age given] talks with his mother Sylvia Smoller [no age given] about her life including escape from Poland and the Nazis, becoming a refugee, her experience of becoming a world renowned scientist (with whom he sometimes co-authors),...

Building Relationships Through Your Career Path

Mia Kiemele talks with her daughter Ava about her career path. She tells stories about how her degree and social work background helped her throughout life.

Wisdom with Diamond and Bianca

In this interview, I discussed with Bianca Gonzalez about her upcoming and asked her to share a bit of wisdom with me. In the interview, we dive deeper into Bianca's past and present and how she is handling it all....

Monty and Karen Lunt talk about their love life and relationship together.

In this interview (November 27, 2022) in Leesburg Virginia, Monty Lunt and Karen Lunt talk about their love life and relationship together ever since they met back in 1997. Karen shares stories about what life was like before they had...

Sisters Judy and Awilda talk to their great niece, Adalia, about their childhood and family life

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Roswell, Georgia, Adalia Molina (17) interviews her two great aunts, Judy (63) and Awilda(70). Throughout the interview they discuss their childhood and relationship with their other two siblings, Maggie and Jorge. They...

Thanksgiving listen <3

We talked a lot about how relationship advice, and family relationships and how important they are. We also talked a bit about what it was like moving to America

Bella Bargman interviwes Adithi Vardhan on a teenager's life during Covid-19.

Bella Bargman: 2021-05-27 16:52:20 Adithi Vardhan reflects on how Covid-19 has changed her life over the past year, from relationships with family and school to new pets and plans for the future.

Annie Davis and Susan Shaw (granddaughter interviewing grandmother)

Annie Davis: 2020-05-22 21:35:30 Annie (14) and her grandma, Susan (76) discuss past hardships, family life, important lessons learned and valued, and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic as an Emerging Adult- Part 1

Caroline Fitzgerald (19) talks with Tessa Doody (22) about how she is navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic as an emerging adult who is making the transition from college life to the real world. She discusses how the pandemic has impacted...

My Mom

Renee answers some questions her daughter Elyse asks for her English assignment.

Alani Raddatz, Linda Mansour, and Nicolette Pena Lara

Alani Raddatz (18) has a conversation with her classmates Linda Mansour (17) and Nicolette Pena Lara (18) about their grandparents, influential people in their lives, dating, and some hardships they have overcome.

Parth Patel and Lillian Pettis

One Small Step conversation partners Parth Patel (27) and Lillian Pettis (50) discuss their childhoods, relationships with their parents, connecting with those who have different political views, and moments of kindness they've experienced.

Cooking with mom

We talked about her childhood and about her family

Allegra Baker and Gray Baker

Siblings Allegra Baker (27) and Gray Baker (24) discuss their high school years together at the same high school and their years apart at different colleges. Their discussion touches on family dynamics, divorce and identity.

Interview with mom part 2

Carried on from part one. Family relationships of Sharon Mudryk