Interview with Miguel

This interview was with my dad who is actually like my best friend. He talked about raining my siblings and I, and also just life before us.

“My parents were strict”

I interviewed my grandpa about when he was little and how his mom and dad were to him.

A Father’s Memory

My interview allowed me to learn more about my dad and his memories. It helped me gain more knowledge about how his life was like as a child.

Meeting with my Mom

I️ interviewed my mom and got to figure out more information about her.

Avocado toast & JLO

A teenage daughter interviews her mother on her life. The interview is filled with laughs and tears.

Christina 10/11/2020

We talked about family and family tradition

Allison Gallardo and her step-grandfather Rafael Jimenez talk about growing up in the Dominican Republic

In this interview, made on November 5th, 2018 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Allison Gallardo (15) interviews her step-mother's father, Rafael Jimenez (56). Together they talked about his childhood in the Dominican Republic; how his childhood was normal, how their school system...

alma and shannon

Alma’s dad moved here and built an empire. She is very appreciative.

Great Thanksgiving Project

We talked about him growing up and what his life was like.

Interview with Andrea part 2

Me and my sister Andrea doing an interview about our childhood. My sister was premature and she has a speaking disability

The great Thanksgiving Listen (Uncle)

This was talking about my uncle's life and how he sees life. It talks about the difficulties that he went through with his family.

Interviewing my dad

Interviewing my dad about his life for school

Thanksgiving interview- my Great Grandma

Question about what her child hood was like, who was the kindest person, what were your favorite games when you were a child