Mom's Chicken Song
August 13, 2022 App Interview

Elodie Andrews (51) interviews her parents, Karen Andrews (82) and Larry Andrews (82), about "The Chicken Song," which Karen made up many years ago, and they also sing it for us (Larry adds back-up vocals). All four kids remember this...

Great thanksgiving listening

I interviewed my brother about Thanksgiving related questions along with some deeper ones

Interviewing Momma

Had an interesting conversation with Momma about family and when she was younger.

Oral history project

In this interview I talked about my grandmothers life. We talked about where she came from, her work life, love life, and her reaction to when she first saw me. This interview was very heart felt I loved it. I...

Mom about Sara

I asked my mom questions about my sister, Sara. I will be giving Sara this for her 34th birthday.

Interview With Karen Murphy

My mom and I talked mostly about memories

The great thanksgiving

We talked about her childhood. We also talked about memories and family.

America, meet Anna Snead

We discussed the beginnings of our friendship, Anna’s opinions on me, her family, and her experience in the workforce.

Interview question to my mother

I asked her basic questions and herself and I and how I grew up

Memories of Life

This interview was conducted in Spanish and a little bit of English. My mother shared information about her most memorable memories in life and she shared some valuable words of wisdom that I will take with me wherever I go....

Thanksgiving with Grandma

My grandma is 65+ and she is very funny & is a very loveable person!

Interview with Grandpa

I took an interview on my grandfather about his life growing up and being a grandfather.

Family Heritage interview

Rod Squire (father) talks about his old traditions, ancestors, and even sings a traditional song that he has shared with our family.