Interview with Liesl

Today, you’ll listen to myself, Emma, about my aunt and Godmother, Liesl.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My interviewer and I talked about what was her favorite jobs that he or she has had and what career would they have also her most important people in in their life

Meeting with my Mom

I️ interviewed my mom and got to figure out more information about her.

A Father’s Memory

My interview allowed me to learn more about my dad and his memories. It helped me gain more knowledge about how his life was like as a child.

Mary’s final interview

Story of lunchcode pass and cutting hair

Interview with Grandpa

I took an interview on my grandfather about his life growing up and being a grandfather.

Bob Whetstone the Storyteller.

My Grandad Bob has many interesting stories. During the interview, I’ve learned that my grandad wasn’t allowed to serve in the military because of his eyes, suffered in school because of his eyes and living during the great depression and...

Minami and Miyachan 2018 Interview

We discuss, in English and Japanese, of her life and mine. What would she change, what she believes, and what Miyachan has enjoyed in her life so far.


I talked with my sister.

Thanksgiving with Grandma

My grandma is 65+ and she is very funny & is a very loveable person!

The great thanksgiving

We talked about her childhood. We also talked about memories and family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Kowanda Stroud

In this interview my grandmother covers stories of our family, the love of her life, and advice for years to come.

“My parents were strict”

I interviewed my grandpa about when he was little and how his mom and dad were to him.