Bryan Landis and Vanessa Landis

Vanessa Landis (34) sat down with her spouse, Bryan Landis (33), to discuss her career into medicine and reflected on their son's life and hopes for their future.

Kristi Hager and Ginnie Lo discuss the exhibition Equal: A Work in Progress and sisterhood specifically and in general.

Kristi Hager (74) and Ginnie Lo (73) talk about how they got to know each other through Ginnie's sister, Missoula artist Beth Lo. They discuss collaborations between sisters and strong parental role models. Kristi explains why she wanted to include...

Eli Conroy and Savannah Winchester

Eli Conroy (47) speaks with new friend and StoryCorps Facilitator Savannah Winchester (31) about his life and family growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation and his journey coming out as a gay man and returning home.

Michael Sumida and Hazel Diaz

Michael Sumida (33) shares his experiences as a medic in the military to his conversation partner Hazel Diaz (35). He discusses how his service challenged and shaped his morals and values, his work with Chief Seattle Club, and how becoming...

"We were sisters, opposites in behavior, but we never argued"

This interview was conducted by Julia Sweeny (16). She talks with her nana (grandmother) and her sister (grand aunt) they discussed many components to personal childhood, parenthood, and now life. This interview includes many stories from childhood of growing up...

Larry Nelson and Dawn Borowski

Dawn Borowski (68) has a conversation with her husband, Larry Nelson (67), about his successful campaign for Mayor of the City of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Bobby Mitchell and Corey Mitchell

Cousins Bobby Mitchell (45) and Corey Mitchell (43) share a conversation about their childhood in rural Missouri, Bobby’s struggles with homelessness and addiction, Bobby’s passion for ministry, and how their bond has sustained them through it all.