Interviewing my girlfriend

Intervening Isabel about her life. Talking about her identity and her past.

The World Has Changed

I discuss childhood, growing up, and learning to have faith in your own abilities with my middle school science teacher who has taught me so much more then she will ever know.

thanksgiving interview

this is an interview with my mom about how being a homosexual impacted her life and my grandma was a closeted lesbian.

Mom and me

I talk to my mother about her childhood, her first love, and the family she has raised.

Michael Ostermiller and Nicole Ostermiller

Michael Ostermiller (50) shares a conversation with his daughter Nicole Ostermiller (21) about her journey navigating her queer identity. They also talk about coming out and the value of support.

Annissa Carter and Dyme Ellis

Friends Annissa Carter (25) and Dyme "Indigaux" Ellis (24) share in conversation their experiences as Black, queer artists, discover the similarities that they share, and reflect on the importance of art and expression in their own lives.

Joseph Holladay and Laura Holton

Joseph "Joe" Holladay (48) talks to his mentor, Laura Holton (43), about coming out to his family, his relationship with alcohol, his path to sobriety, and his plans for the future.

Christopher Panarites and Nicole von Tempske-Clemins

One Small Step conversation partners Christopher Panarites (57) and Nicole von Tempske-Clemins (51) connect on being devoted equestrians, supporting young people in figuring out their sexuality, and a shared discomfort with Christian fundamentalism in politics.

Diana Holdridge, Heather Holdridge, and James Holdridge

Diana Holdridge (79) reflects on how she felt when both of her children, Heather Holdridge (48) and James "Jim" Holdridge (47), came out to her. Heather and Jim talk about their father's reaction and they share what they have learned...

Bernadine Manning and Liam Manning

Liam Manning (27) and his mom Bernadine “Bernie” Manning (58) come together to talk about parenting, particularly what it was like for Bernie to raise a queer child and Liam’s journey of self-discovery. They also reflect on their relationship and...

Taliatha Hudson-Palmer and Nancy Kalina

One Small Step partners Taliatha Hudson-Palmer (43) and Nancy Kalina (58) discuss their experiences in same-sex marriages, and how their Jewish and Mormon upbringings shaped their identities.

Interview for English

I interviewed someone I just met in Biology last class.

Coming out, well kind of.

I interviewed my sister so that I could better understand what it is like to be a part of the LGBTQ community and what it was like to come out.

Kathleen "River" Artz-Iffland and Margaret DeRitter

Kathleen "River" Artz-Iffland (63) talks with friend, Margaret DeRitter (58), about her role as an out lesbian in Kalamazoo, her work to strengthen the lesbian community, and the family she created with her partner of 35 years.

“Follow your dreams.”

Something I learned while listening to my mother talk... she’s only human. She did her best and I have to remember that. Hearing her talk about her dreams and how she wishes she followed through with them, inspires me to...

Brian Bender and Lisa Terwilliger

One Small Step conversation partners Lisa Terwilliger (53) and Brian Bender (47) discuss religion and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christine Eddington and Roy Diehl

One Small Step conversation partners Roy Earl Diehl II (50) and Christine Eddington (55) discuss their journey to political consciousness, the importance of finding common ground, the role of conflict in social change, and the responsibility to challenge our own...

Julia Barden and Shelli Fowler

One Small Step conversation partners Julia Torres Barden (61) and Shelli Fowler (62) discuss formative moments in their political identities, the precarious nature of the current political moment, and what constitutes an effective strategy for social change.