Blake short and his loving mother Christi short talk about the legacy she wants to leave to her family on Thanksgiving!

In this Interview, made in November 2017 on Thanksgiving in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Blake short, Interviews his mother, Christi short about the legacy she wants to leave her family with and how she wants to be remembered as not only as...

THEATER assignment

I interviewed my godmother Genie Navarro. We discussed life lessons, journeys and people in her life.

Nelson Julian’s inspiring story and thoughtfulness
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Nelson Julian, 62 year old and my second uncle. His life and experience with living on a small island, as well as moving to California. In addition to regrets and special moments he will pass down to younger generations.

awesome interview with grandpa
November 25, 2022 App Interview

Dylan Culbertson, 16 years old Bob Culbertson, grandfather

Yerel interview

she is a kind and respectful person, she is respectful, kind and ready.

Nolan Grieves and his granny, Shellie Harrington, talk about his granny’s life and values growing up.

In this interview conducted on November 29th 2023 in Harbor Springs Michigan Nolan Grieves (16) interviews his granny, Shellie Harrington (59), about her life growing up in Detroit and about her values. She talks about her life growing up in...

Story corps final: Josslyn Escobar

I’m Josslyn Escobar i was interviewing my grandma for a final about her life and the history of her.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We mostly just talked about me and how I was as a kid. She told me memories of how I was and how I am now.

families and children

I interviewed my mom because I wanted her perspective on how I turned out and how life was raising me.

The interview

We talked about who she was from a kid now and her life as a kid to who she became

History interview

We talked about his parents and stories from his childhood

The Great Thanksgiving Interview (Family Member)

I interviewed my father and it was very fun and loving.

Past, Present, Future

Interviewer (Romero Laster) questions mother (Angela Laster) about her parenting life. Taking topics back to her childhood and comparing them to those her husband. Ending the Interview looking forward to the future and what is to come.

Learning even more about Kathryn Sehl
November 2, 2022 App Interview

Here I get a lot more in depth with learning more about kathryn. We had a great conversation and learned more about what makes worth in her life.

Maddie Brown & Young Life

We discussed what she thought about religious or spiritual youth and how they are set up for life. We then discussed her involvement Young Life and what they are doing as a youth program to impact youth. They impact both...

Interview to my Mom

My mom talks about all she's gone through to get to where she is at today. She is blessed to have me, and that i dont need to go through what she did. Im blessed with what i have, and...


We mainly talked about her life. We also talked about her memories and her perspectives on different things.

Amada (Molly) Leaños Talks About Her Life and Important Events that Occurred Shaped it.

Amada Leaños starts with how she grew up in Dallas right next to a quaint church. She spent her childhood with her parents, many siblings, family friends, and the priest next door living very humbly and religiously. Growing up she...

A Nurse’s Life During Covid
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Today, we interviewed Aundrea Brown age 38 who had been a registered nurse for 17 years. Today, we discussed how was it for her being a nurse during Covid while have 2 young children the ages of 6 and 4.

My Dad’s Journey
November 28, 2022 App Interview

A small recording of my dad's childhood.

Interview with my Mom

Nicholas Hooper interviewed Mrs. Tina Hooper his mother. Nicholas is 21 and Mrs. Tina is 48 as she discusses what my childhood was like and how she met her husband. We also talked about memories and what her thoughts are...

“The community was absolutely wonderful” – former parent of Santa Cruz Waldorf School, Lynnet McDermott
December 10, 2018 App Interview

Former parent, Lynett McDermott talks of raising her children in Waldorf Education in both Europe and America, her love of anthroposophical philosophy and the colorful festivals she enjoyed in the Waldorf community.