Jailene Williams
December 1, 2022 App Interview

Jailene Williams is my 11 year old daughter participate. In this interview we discussed school and family.

me an my mom

I talk to my mom for like 15 minutes

Interview with my father

My father, Joseph Pass, and I talk about his journey, family, community, and passions. Learned more about life in Michigan as a child in the 60s and 70s.

story telling assignment

I interview my father and asked him 11 questions about his life. He told me about his life experiences. This was an interview about his life and his experiences.

Public Speaking Interview

I interviewed my mother Katie Tendick about her life and what she was like growing up.

Anjali Patel and Mona Patel

Anjali Patel (18) interviews her mother Mona Patel (41). Anjali asked Mona about her childhood in India and differences between her life then and her life when she came to the United States. They also discussed Mona's college years, happy...

Virginia Eickholt interviewing her Grandmother Joan Rayl

This is an interview between myself, Virginia, and my grandmother, Joan. We are interviewing from her hometown of Decatur, Alabama over Thanksgiving break. We discuss everything from childhood, to advice, to regrets.

Interview w/ Shauna Williams

We talked mainly about being a parent, or moreso her children. She has a daughter that just recently left home and has had no communication with her since.

Dad’s Childhood
January 5, 2023 App Interview

My Dad, Josh Morton, and I, Arthur Morton, had a mix of an interview and a conversation about stories of his childhood and parts of my own that i don’t fully remember. oronado

Interview with my mother

My name is Sophia umude and i interviewed my mother, Ekey Bassey about her childhood and navigating through life as a young mother.

Robert Hirem Catlett part 2

Talking through some memories, favorite, difficult and fond. Then looked to the future of our family.

Rami Safa interviewing Hussein Safa(Rami Safa’s Dad/My Dad)

This interview contains me(Rami Safa: 16 years old) interviewing Hussein Ahmed Safa(My Dad, 49 years old). This interview contains conversation with my Dad(Hussein) and also talks about his childhood, people important to him, lessons important to him, and basically how...


My mom, 37 years old, she’s married to my stepdad and has 2 kids. Overall this was about life accomplishments like growing up, goals, what if things were different, raising me, etc

An insight into Mrs. Tapiador’s Life

Joven Tapiador (15) and Ruwani Tapiador (42) discuss the life of Ruwani and how she felt about the past.

my moms life story and how she overcome hardships and who she is today

mom(Margret) 43 my mom was explaining about how it was when she was growing up and how it was like back when she went to school and what she had to deal with in her life, and what it took...

Juliana + Lee

Asking questions about his childhood and what it was like being my dad.

Ap world extra credit- The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in West Des Moines, Izzy Wilson interviews her mom, Heather Wilson, about their childhoods and parenting choices. Heather talks about her favorite memories as a child and also her favorite memories of Izzy’s...

Interview With My Mother

In this interview I, Owen Hill, age 20, interview my mother, Jessica Battcher, age 42, about how she navigates life.

Inteviewing danielle 1

Danielle gets interviewed by me 1


We talked about the hard times but also the good times throughout my mom’s life. She also told me that she’s proudest of my brother and I’s effort in school.