The Favorites of Growing Up w/Grandma

We mainly talked about my grandma’s childhood, her favorites growing up, and mostly personal things about her. She has taken care of me when I was little, and she was the one who introduced me to God. I think that...

Food interview with my friend, Tahj

I asked my friend, Tahj several questions regarding his relationship to food, his cultural connections, and his identity in relation to food.

Jacks personal chef

Jack loves his personal chef and here are some of the reasons why!

Edgar Contreras and his father Jose talk about his father’s story

In this interview done with Edgar Contreras (16) and his father Jose (46), they talk about the father's childhood growing up and who were his main influences in his life so far. They also talked over how Jose has came...

Interview With My Mom

We talked about chirstmas and what our traditions are. Also what my mom’s favorite games and things to do for Chirstmas.

“Jade favorites”, by Mya Mclead, an recoded interview with her cousin Jade Bayones

In this interview, conducted on November 28, 2021. Mya,11, interviews her cousin, Jade Bayones,23, about her favorites things growing up. Jade shares her favorite teachers in high school, subjects, and more. This interview was conducted for a project for psychology...

A warm afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Mauser

A grandson interviews his two loving grandparents about everything from growing up in New York in the 1940s to Jewish cuisine and everything in between.

Food is Life

My grandma and I talk about her life all while she laughs at and simultaneously eats noodles

Food Interview – HPEB560

I talked to a family friend about her favorite meal to make, biscuits and gravy.

America, meet Anna Snead

We discussed the beginnings of our friendship, Anna’s opinions on me, her family, and her experience in the workforce.

Bushs chicken

I work at Bushs chicken and I serve soul food

Big Mac- American Icon

This interview was about the Big Mac and it’s causes towards society. We talked about how it would make such an impact to he whole world as a type of food.

Marley and Me

Just two friends talking about interests and life.

Interview with my 8 year old brother.

We talked about what his favorite things are and why. I asked things about his school life and also asked some simple questions.