My little Princess

I interviewed my daughter to dive into her kind!

A Talk with my Grandma

Me and my grandma just talk about random stuff.

StoryCorps Interview Project With My Mom

Mother and daughter reflect on past memories together and share inspirational stories with one another as they learn more about each individual and what is was like grow and live in a loving, God-filled relationship.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Jessica talked about her childhood and some of her favorite things to do

Food interview with Grandpa

I asked my grandpa questions regarding who he eats with, where he eats, his relationship with food, his culture, traditions, and personal history in relation to food.

Food elder interview

Taking to my bestfriend about her family’s lasagna recipe!

Public Health 309 Interview: Maddie Kupor Interviews Her Bubbie

Maddie Kupor interviews her Bubbie (Lois Kupor) about her history with food growing up. Bubbie talks about her childhood memories growing up in a Jewish household.

Socialization Within the Job Force

We discussed what Nicole’s time at in n out has looked like and how it has affected her life beyond the workspace.


I interviewed my cousin who came to America after the age of 16 and I asked him about the differences between his life here and in Pakistan.

What does the world eat?

I interviewed my mom about food and traditions.

A Fantastic Meal
November 26, 2018 App Interview

When pizza and family are the best comforts in life.

Interview With Mildred Jordan

An interview with one of the very under appreciated women that work in our school cafeteria. This goes to show that everyone’s story can be relatable and matters.

Mom – Xmas 2017: Food

We talked about food, food likes and dislikes, food memories and history and origins of favorite family dishes

Should fast food companies be responsible for obesity or one’s health?

We talked about businesses being responsible for what we eat and how people can be responsible themselves too.