A New Friend

One thing the two of us have bonded over since we met three months ago is our love for movies and the stories they create. It was nice hearing about his specific opinions on which movies have meant something to...

Christian Robinson

A talk about the introduction of social media into our generations life's and that effects many aspects of life

English Project

Overall, Jimmy Hatchett has lived a life worth talking about and I’m grateful he shared it with me.

Great listen 2018 SS

It was mainly about my mom growing up and me. Very interesting things we both were both caring loving.

My Lovely Mom

I asked my mom about what her life was like when she was younger. I also asked her about what she loves to do and how she feels about her children.

Perfect people, Religion, and Thinking Visually

It was pretty nice, I enjoyed the conversation. Yay 5 points of extra credit!