Alex Jeffords and his uncle Kenneth Milder talk about his life when he was a young man growing up in Omaha, Nebraska.

In this interview, conducted in Manhattan Beach, California on November 23, 2017 Ken Milder(60) talks to his nephew Alex Jeffords(13) about his early life in Omaha, Nebraska and being a younger child most of his life. Ken Milder explains to...

Brendon 5/3/2020

Relationship with Greg and Annemarie’s favorite things

My Moms Interview

She talked about what her favorite moments of her life was.

Grandma Jo

I interviewed my loving grandmother, Joan Jean Loubee Kledzinski. This is a woman I admire and love beyond words. To her, her life was ordinary. To me it was extrordinary. I will cherish and honor her memory forever.

Mini Mommy

My mommy‘s favorite stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movies and life

In this interview, conducted in November 25th 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Jack O’Connell (16) interviews his family friend and land lord Mark Mckealvy (64) about cinema and raising children. Mr. Mckealvy shares his book idea on raising children on movies...