Molly Baumgartner, Whitney Gonsoulin, and Roberta Bienvenu

Friends Molly Baumgartner (62), Dr. Whitney Gonsoulin (70), and Roberta Bienvenu (71) share an array of stories of their upbringing, world travels, and work in the home birth movement in Louisiana.

Meet Captain Lisa O'Hara

Folklife Director Katie Mecca sits down for an interview with Tuckerton Seaport boat Captain Lisa O’Hara. Katie and Captain Lisa talk about Lisa’s experience growing up around the corner from Lucy the Elephant, building a boat and sailing with her...

Boating and camping

“I know you guys will continue being on the river” “we have had some hardships”

"I was a lucky guy. I found a job in a beautiful marina, where the people were nice, and the boats were nice boats."

Jacob Garrow, 16, interviews his grandpa Robert Shibla, 92, on Thanksgiving day 2023 in his Aunt's living room. Jacob ask’s about many different times from his grandfather's life. Robert shares a multitude of stories and memories, from childhood recollections to...

Kathleen O’Dell and Jim O’Dell

Spouses, Kathleen O'Dell (68) and Jim O'Dell (74), share a conversation about how they first met, their favorite ways to spend time together, and how their own distinct personalities have complemented each other over time.

Interview with our favorite Guy, ch. 1
December 26, 2022 App Interview

This is the first installment in a series of interviews with R. Guy Wormald, age 83. Beth Wormald Gonzalez, his eldest daughter (age 52), asks her dad questions about growing up on Long Island in NY, his young adult life,...

Ronnie Malone and Craig Blue
September 18, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Ronnie Malone (88) and Craig Blue (73) talk about their political beliefs, background, history, values with some contrasts and similarities.

Sally Catron and Jessie Foley

Jessie Foley (44) sits down with her mother, Sally Catron (73), to ask about her childhood, her parents, her relationship with her husband, and the messages that she'd like to pass on to the younger generations of their family.